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Stockholm fish market - local fishermen take the town - FLAG Stockholm - SE

In Stockholm, local fishermen have long been isolated, dependent on long chain marketing and lacking opportunities to sell their fish locally. With the support of the FLAG, fishermen developed the Stockholm fish market: regular urban events where local fishermen can sell fresh, local and traceable seafood directly to urban customers, leading to the development of a collective brand and a permanent fish market. 


The Stockholm region is home to approximately 100 active fishermen, working in a 250 km radius and landing approximately 800 tonnes of fish every year. Until recently, all catch had to be sold 450 km away through Gothenburg’s main fish auction, undifferentiated from the 31 000 tonnes of seafood that then travel to Stockholm to be consumed each year. This meant selling fish at a low price but individual fishermen had to accept this situation because they lacked the capacity to individually manage the different costs and logistics of selling directly and locally.

Launched in November 2011, the Stockholm fish market project changed this situation remarkably by providing these fishermen with a scheme and a brand to cooperate around and an environment in which to sell their catch directly. With the support of the FLAG and the Regional Fisheries Administration, fishermen developed a collective scheme to organise the logistics needed to collect and transport their catch, communicate with customers and enter the local seafood market. The “Stockholm Fiskmarknad” was registered as a brand, owned by fishermen and giving their product a visual identity recognizable by consumers and used by distributors. Working hand in hand with Stockholm’s regional administration, the pilot project created the conditions to identify and secure a permanent spot for a new local seafood-market in the heart of the capital.

 Key lessons

Relevance to FARNET themes: adding value to local fisheries products

Results: By 2014, the pilot project had mobilised a total of 50 fishermen from the archipelago to take part in the scheme and organise two to three sales events a year. These lasted up to 5 days, selling a volume of +/- 300 kg of fish to 500 visiting customers. As a result, four restaurants situated on Stockholm’s busiest square started buying directly from the fishermen and the decision was taken to open a permanent fish market in central Stockholm, securing the opportunity for fishermen to sell on their “doorstep” rather than through an elongated and anonymous chain.

Transferability: This project is relevant to high density areas with small pockets of local fishermen who are unable to access the market on their doorstep. They could learn from the way the project brought together the efforts and advice of experts from different horizons: local fishermen to elaborate the project, a business school to design a marketing plan, an architecture school to propose a future permanent fish market. With this approach, it addresses social (renewed cohesion of local fishermen), marketing (the development of a dedicated brand) and communicational challenges (with sleek design and effective communication through press and social networks).

Final Comment: Two candidate areas have now been identified to host a permanent fish market in the future and, in the meantime, the fishermen continue to demonstrate the existence and sustainability of the demand for fresh and locally sourced fish. In this example, Axis 4 demonstrates how supporting a collective effort of fishermen can help unlock a low-profitability situation.

Total cost and EFF contribution                                  

Total project cost: €240 000

- FLAG grant: €60 000 (50% Axis 4; 50% National/regional co-finanging)

- Axis 1 support (support to small scale fisheries): €46 000 (50% EU; 50% national/regional)

- Other National support: €135 000


Title: Stockholm fish market

Duration: 2011 - 2012 (2 years)

Case study date: February 2014


Project promoter

Fiskefrämjandet Stockholms Skärgård FLAG     

FLAG Manager: Sverker Lovén

FLAG Coordinator: Thomas Hjelm

+46 708 736 530

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