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Short stories and summaries

With EMFF implementation starting on the ground, the FARNET Support Unit presents various examples of fisheries and aquaculture projects supporting Community-Led Local Development in EMFF, or CLLD.

Fishermen and the local municipality join forces to set up a local fish market

Fishermen and the local municipality worked together to improve selling conditions for fresh fish in Olt county with a local fish market for 170 fishermen.

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Supporting Seafood Businesses

A combination of one-to-one engagement with local fisheries businesses, networking them with each other and the provision of business mentoring support has helped improve the supply of local fish into the Northern Devon market and create new economic activities.

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Pescado artesanal is an online platform and a communication campaign to increase the consumption of artisanal seafood. The online platform pools products of four auctions, making local seafood more accessible to buyers.

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A Heritage Trail gives fishing communities a boost

Fishing communities of County Down in Northern Ireland have been struggling in recent times but the initiative ‘Maritime Heritage Tourism Infrastructure and Communication Project’ was able to give the region a major boost, particularly in the three port towns of Ardglass, Kilkeel and Portavogie.

Microcredit for small-scale fishermen

For years, the local fishermen have been enduring the effects of the financial crisis. The region’s banking system is limited to a few operators with strict constraints for attributing loans. Fishermen cannot necessarily provide a typical guarantee, making it difficult for them to obtain loans. Because fishermen do not always fit the standard profile of a borrower, they can be categorised as ‘non-bankable’. Recent discussions with these local fishermen made clear the need to provide them with a more accessible credit system to help fund their initiatives.

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Planning for the activities of a Fisheries National Network

National Networks (NNs) play an important role in linking the FLAGs, fisheries stakeholders, national and regional administrations involved in fisheries local development. The Latvian NN facilitates exchange and learning not only between FLAGs but also within the whole fisheries sector.

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Northern Fisheries Trail

FLAG: a cooperation project involving nine Polish FLAGs and spanning three regions in the north of Poland: Western Pomerania, Pomerania, and Warmia and Mazury.

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FISCHtival of cultures: a colourful and international event with food and music as bridges for the integration of migrants

FISCHtival, the open air festival of concerts and food organized by the FLAG Tirschenreuth in the summer of 2015, had not expected to provide such a transformation to the local community. The initial idea behind the event was to promote the activities of the pond fishing association, which is responsible for the administration of the FLAG. The FLAG then realised the event could also reflect the efforts that were being carried out for the integration of migrants and refugees in the area. For the first time, the FLAG partnered with local welfare and educational organisations to create a successful event that brought together the region’s newcomers and its multicultural population.

Fishtaverns - Upgrading product and service quality in local seafood restaurants

The “Fishtaverns” project aims to raise the quality standards of local seafood restaurants – their products and hosting capabilities – notably by improving the use of fresh fisheries products and applying attractive communication tools.

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