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O melhor peixe do mundo - FLAG Além Tejo - PT

Through the development of an innovative short chain delivery system, Axis 4 has helped a Portuguese company to bridge the gap between customers and small-scale fishermen, whilst also encouraging sustainable fishing practices in the Sesimbra area.

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Direct sales offer exciting alternative market opportunities for fishermen. However, an obligation for all Portuguese catch to be sold first through the auction limits the possibilities of direct marketing from fishermen to consumers. To comply with national auction obligations while still shortening the supply chain, the Portuguese SME, “Fixe em Casa”, developed a short chain marketing scheme, known as, “o melhor peixe do mundo” (“the best fish in the world”), in collaboration with local fishermen.

Launched in 2006, the company approached the local FLAG in 2010 to build on its activities further. Axis 4 support enabled the company to scale up its online sales, to develop a sustainability sourcing scheme with the national certifying body, Sativa, and to design innovative packaging to further preserve and promote the quality of its fish. Households can now order local fish online through a specially designed website and Fixe em Casa will collect the orders, liaise with the partner fishermen to purchase their fish in the Sesimbra auction and deliver it directly to the consumer’s home. Consumers can therefore count on fresh, local fish that has afforded fishermen a fair price and been caught according to the sustainability standards set by Sativa.  

Key lessons

Relevance to FARNET themes: Adding value, short circuits, job creation.

Results: Fixe em Casa developed new and improved (salt water and vacuum) packaging while working with partner fishermen to ensure their captures complied with sustainability standards laid down by the eco-label, Sativa. 40 fishermen are now involved in the supply chain, 3 of which selling their catch nearly exclusively through the company.

As a consequence, Fixe em Casa has tripled the volume of fish sold (reaching 40 tonnes in 2013). Besides working with ten food stores (from nearby towns but also with organic food stores in Lisbon), the online platform had 1 500 registered buyers in 2013. This has helped create two full-time and two part-time jobs (3 FTEs) in the harbour, including an ex-fisherman and two young adults.

Transferability: This project offers an example of alternatives to direct sales when legislation requires the local catch to be sold through auction. It also shows how a short circuit can sell both through a network of registered customers signing up for home delivery and through a network of food stores, including the organic segment.

Final Comment: The success of the project relies on the entrepreneurial dynamism on a small SME, a key resource to be harnessed, fostered and supported by FLAGs.


Total cost and EFF contribution


Total project cost: € 25 110

EFF  Axis 4:  € 5 022

National co-financing: € 5 022

Private contribution: €15 066



Project information

Title: “O melhor peixe do mundo” (the best fish in the world”)

Duration: 3 months

Case study date: February 2015


Project promoter

Fixe em Casa

Miguel Zegre

mzegre (at)

+35 1939 657 880

Project video


FLAG details  

Associação de Desenvolvimento do Litoral Alentejano

adl.alentejano (at)

+351 269 827 233

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