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New seaweed products, FLAG Bornholm & FLAG Small Islands, Denmark

 Danish waters produce high quality seaweed which, until now, has not been exploited commercially as there is no tradition of eating seaweed in Denmark. However, with the recent growth in the sushi market and New Nordic Cuisine, the Danish Small Islands FLAG and the Bornholm FLAG, both situated in remote areas where depopulation and a loss of business opportunities are serious concerns, have identified a new opportunity: the two FLAGs are cooperating in a project to create and develop a range of new local products that use seaweed as a raw material. 
This project brings together local producers, including fish farmers, mussel growers and processors to promote the sustainable cultivation, harvesting and processing of seaweed.
• Axis 4 contribution: €84 492 (70% small island FLAG - 30% Bornholm FLAG)
• National co-financing: €13 411 
• Other public match-funding: (Danish Food Industry Agency) Marketing €17 435 
• Private: Southern Funen National Park Project €40 234 and voluntary work: € 2 682

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