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Multi-functional fish restaurant, shop & work space - FLAG North Jutland - DK

After working for more than 7 years as an itinerant fishmonger, in 2009 Mogens Klausen decided to pursue his professional dream of setting-up his own restaurant, combined with a fish shop and a smoke house and workshop.



Hune is a small town of 3 000 inhabitants, located in one of the top 5 Danish tourism destinations 40 km away from the city of Aalborg. The area has beautiful beaches that attract tourists from all over Denmark but also from Norway, Sweden and Germany. Despite a good tourism offer, it lacked restaurants and shops focusing on high quality fish products. In order to fill this gap, in 2009 Mogens Klausen decided to set up a business that brought these services together under the same roof. To put this into action, he contacted the North Jutland FLAG that provided him with technical and financial support.

The complex was built from scratch and started running over the summer of 2009. Open all the year, it includes a 30-seat restaurant, a processing smoke house and a fish shop. Around 70% of the sea products processed and served in the restaurant (lobster, mackerel, herring, cod, shrimp and eel) come from the area and only the salmon is bought abroad in Norway. In addition, the shop also uses two of Mr. Klausen´s old wagons to sell fish all week in different points of North Jutland. Although most business takes place locally with tourists and residents, since last Christmas they started selling their smoked fish to shops in other parts of Denmark, including a big hotel in Copenhagen. Plans for the future include building a second smoke house to increase their production of processed fish and thus compensate the low activity of the restaurant during the autumn/winter season.

Key lessons

> Relevance to FARNET themes: Adding value to fisheries products; diversification
> Results: Hune now has a new complex, including a restaurant, fish shop and smoke house, which has created 6 all-year full-time jobs for local people. During the summer season, the outlet increases its staff to 20 FTEs. The complex has also started to sell its products to other parts of the country (to groceries shops and a hotel in Copenhagen).
> Transferability: This project can be transferred to any other fisheries area in which tourism is a relevant economic sector.
> Final Comment: This initiative is a good example of a multifunctional business that is able to reorient its activities according to the season: due to the touristy nature of the area during the summer they put more emphasis on the restaurant and the shop; in autumn and winter they prioritise the smoke house to cope with the orders of processed fish.

Total cost and EFF contribution

Total Project cost: €700 000

  • EFF Axis 4: €22 500
  • National co-financing: €22 500
  • Other/ Private: €655 000

Project information:

Title: Multi-functional fish restaurant, shop & work space.
Duration: one year (summer 2008 – summer 2009)
Case study date: March 2012

Project promoter:
Mogens Klausen
klausenfisk (at)
+45 9824 8872
North Jutland FLAG factsheet