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"Km 0" brand for local sourcing - FLAG Litoral Norte - PT

“KM 0” is a branding initiative to promote local sourcing. It brings together stakeholders from the entire chain of actors involved in the production, processing, sales, marketing and consumption of fisheries products from the MinhoLima area.


This project aims to promote local sourcing through the branding of localproducts and awareness-raising of the role of the different actors along the products’ supply chain. As well as providing end users with better knowledge and information on local products, the project also works on strengthening links between restaurants, chefs, fishermen and other primary producers in the area and enhancing their market opportunities.

The development of the brand, “KM 0”, started by developing a traceability system with a quality charter for a number of products from Minho-Lima. The brand identifies quality foods produced close to local consumers. To attract the initial interest of the public and other regions, a launch event was organized, bringing together  local producers and famous chefs as well as Spanish and French  delegations of catering professionals to discover the products and  learn how to prepare them. The event covered a wide array of local  products, from wines to dairy products to pastries, and offered a specific workshop for local seafood products. Six other events of this kind, two gourmet itineraries and a presence in the local and online media are amongst the tools being developed by the project to attract visitors and professionals.

In parallel with this outreach strategy and the brand development, a third action seeks to work on the image of these products and the conditions in which they are sold or consumed. By supporting the refurbishment of sales counters, backed by promotional material, in sales outlets and restaurants which join the KM 0 initiative, product marketing is harmonized, providing a clear and coordinated message to consumers on the benefits of purchasing local products branded Km 0.

Key lessons

> Relevance to FARNET themes: Adding value to local fisheries products, short chains.
> Results: The first event, held over two days in May 2011 (FIAE Gourmet meeting 2011), attracted over 100 participants. The workshop dedicated to “new marine resources for gastronomy” provided local SMEs and the public with practical training by a renowned Spanish food innovation platform ( The design of the KM 0 brand is in the final stages and expected to be applied to various fishery resources from seas or rivers, in conjunction with other endogenous resources of the Minho Region and taken up initially by local fishing associations, municipal markets and restaurants selected by the project team and hotel schools and chefs.
> Transferability: Traceability and branding schemes can be a valuable marketing tool for many fisheries areas looking to add value to their local products. However, project promoters should look carefully at the seasonality of the products they wish to promote and the market demand in their catchment area. This project capitalizes on the strong identity of theproducts targeted as well as the broad range of different types of products which should benefit distributers and consumers alike.
> Final Comment: By its three-pronged approach (branding – networking – outreach) the project is developing an integrated series of actions designed to complement each other and enhance the impact. It also brings a transnational aspect to the activities by linking up with professionals from areas that share similarities in terms of culinary tradition and entrepreneurship.

Total cost and EFF contribution

 Total Project cost: €128 621.10

  • Axis 4 contribution: €67 526.06
  • National co-financing: €22 506.09 
  • Private (personal investment): €38 586.33


Project information

Title: Km0

Duration: 12 months (May 2011 – May 2012)

Case study date: April 2012

Project promoter:

CEVAL - Conselho Empresarial dos Vales do Lima e Minho 

José Carlos Amorim

jose.amorim (at)

+351 258 801 450

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