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Jammerbugt Boat Shop - FLAG North Jutland - DK

The Thorup beach fishermen’s guild, the “Thorupstrand Kystfiskerlaug”, has reconverted one of its traditional fishing boats into a floating fish shop and obtained authorisation to moor it in the heart of Copenhagen. This is giving the fishing guild’s products a special entry point to the affluent market of the Danish capital.

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The Thorupstrand Kystfiskerlaug is a unique association that was created by the fishermen of Thorupstrand, a village located in the most north western part of Denmark. This association was set up in reaction to changes in fisheries legislation that were introduced in the mid 2000’s and which saw the privatisation of fish quotas. From then on fish quotas could be bought and sold by fishermen, leading to strong concentration of the industry with bigger companies buying up the largest share of the quota. The Thorupstrand fishermen got together and set up a guild whose first mission would be to buy up quotas to ensure that fishing opportunities would remain in the hands of its local community[1].

To improve the marketing of their catch, the Thorup fishermen have started to sell their fish directly using one of their reconverted boats as a unique selling place. They have managed to moor this boat right at the heart of Copenhagen, more precisely at Havnegade close to Nyhavn, probably the most picturesque hotspot of the Danish capital (after the Little Mermaid, of course). This unique setting offers an amazing showcase for the Thorupstrand products.

The fish is brought two to three times a week by truck to Copenhagen and is some of the freshest you can find in the capital thanks to the fact that Thorupstrand boats only do daily trips. The guild has hired a chef to manage the shop which in addition to whole fresh fish also offers fillets, fresh fish burgers and other small dishes. The interior of the boat has been extensively refurbished to make way for a fresh fish counter and customer space and the summer days will see the opening of a small terrace on the deck of the boat where customers will be able to enjoy light fish snacks in this area of town, famous for its end of the day drinks.

[1] More information on the Thorupstrand fishermen guild can be found on or


 Key lessons

> Relevance to FARNET themes: Adding value to local fish products, community based company

Results: Minimum target for fish sales are at €1 500 per day, and while the shop is not at that level yet, sales figures are growing. In addition to offering a better return to fishermen for their catch, any additional profit will remain in the guild to buy up additional quotas for its fishermen. At the moment the shop has already created one full-time and two part-time jobs. The shop also brings additional activity to the guild processing plant.

Transferability: the idea of the fishermen-owned shop can be transferred to any area which has a potential market not too far away. Still, the costs associated with these types of initiatives should not be underestimated.

Final Comment: the boat shop is one of the many projects developed by the dynamic Thorupstrand fishermen’s guild, which fights to preserve its fishing community. Innovative marketing coupled with community-based quota management is one of the unique features of this fishermen’s association.







           Total cost and EFF contribution


Total project cost: € 268 000

EFF Axis 4: € 33 500

National co-financing: € 33 500

Private funding: € 210 000



Project information

Title: Jammerbugt Boat Shop

Duration: December 2013 - present     

Case study date:  May 2014    


Project promoter        

Thorupstrand Kystfiskerlaug /


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