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Hotel “A de Lolo” - FLAG Costa da Morte - ES

To diversify her family’s economic activity, Maria Luz, a retired fisherman's wife opened a very distinctive hotel and restaurant with a local maritime theme in the village of Muxia, a highly attractive touristic point where demand for accommodation was going unmet. This created five full-time and four part-time jobs.

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Home to the Romanesque marine church, the Virgen of the Boat, the small fishing village of Muxia is one of the final destinations of pilgrims following the Way of St. James to Santiago de Compostela. The legend of the Virgen arriving at this spot in a stone boat to encourage St James in his preaching accounts for the village’s huge popularity and year-round flow of tourists. Accommodation to house so many tourists, however, was going unmet and when Maria Luz, a retired fisherman’s wife, inherited an old stone house, the idea to transform it into a hotel was an obvious choice.
The project itself involved the reconstruction and renovation of an old traditional stone house and the development of an 8 bedroom boutique hotel and a restaurant with capacity for 55 people. Targeting an educated and cultivated public, including artists and writers, the family paid particular attention to quality and design. The decoration, for example, illustrates the rich marine history of the village through fish hook lamps, crab-shaped bedside tables and handmade pebble maps of nearby underwater areas in all bedrooms.

The restaurant and its kitchen are run by Maria Luz, while her husband is in charge of buying seafood and fish and fileting it ready for the chef. 100% of fish served is local and fresh while the menus offered are adapted to give visitors the option of tasting a range of traditional dishes e.g. the Pilgrim menu (printed in English, French and Italian as well as Galician and Spanish) which is available in different combinations from €9.50 to €15.

The restaurant also boasts its own cooking laboratory where Maria Luz invites catering professionals to develop new fish recipes. Cooking workshops are offered on demand and the cooking laboratory is opened to all guests and customers ready to prepare their own meal or eager to discover new ways of preparing Galician fish. Wine tasting, cultural marine exhibitions and book presentations are also held in the restaurant on a regular basis.


Key lessons

> Relevance to FARNET themes: diversification, tourism

> Effectiveness/efficiency: The hotel and restaurant have been running since December 2011, offering visitors the option of a quality and vibrant hotel and restaurant where they can enjoy cultural heritage and local products The hotel rooms fetch €70 each from March to November and €55 in low season (breakfast included).

By 2014, with 3 400 visitors to the hotel a year, the occupancy rate was already at 80% all year round, with a conversion rate from the website of 12% (12 reservations made for every 100 online visits). The restaurant was serving more than 12 000 clients annually. These results have also meant the creation of 9 year-round jobs (5 full-time and 4 part-time) for local people as cooks, waiters, receptionists and cleaners. Four additional jobs are generated during the summer to respond to increased numbers of tourists. The family business has a turnover of €300 000 and profits of €90 000 a year.

> Transferability: This project offers ideas to FLAGs operating in areas where demand for tourist accommodation goes unmet and where the FLAG has sufficient budget to support infrastructure projects. Although the investment in this case was significant, the example can also serve as inspiration for those fishermen´s wives who have spare rooms that they can convert into accommodation for tourists on a smaller scale.

> Final Comment: The results obtained so far have inspired the family to consider new ideas such as developing an internal TV channel for the rooms, screening the cooking workshops performed in A de Lolo, and creating their own line of souvenirs.

Total cost and EFF contribution

Total Project total: €1 087 587.08

FLAG grant: €187 587.08 (75% Axis 4; 25% national/regional co-financing)

Other: €400 000 savings and €500 000 bank loan






Title: Hotel “A de Lolo”              

Duration: July 2010 – October 2011       

Case study date: February 2014 


Project promoter          

María Luz González Romero                                        

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+34 981 74 24 22   


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