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Positioning FLAGs for the future: Fisheries communities at the heart of local development


As FLAGs gain experience in fostering local development in their areas, this transnational seminar will offer an opportunity to take stock of some of the results and lessons from Axis 4 to date and help ensure Fisheries Local Action Groups are positioned to respond to the challenges and opportunities of the future. Given the increased prominence of Community-Led Local Development in the new EMFF and other EU funding programmes, this seminar is designed to help FLAGs get the best results out of the current period and help them prepare for the future.

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ENRD Conference - Local development strategies and Co-operation: Key Approaches to Local Development


The Leader event of the European Network for Rural Development (ENRD) will take place on 27-28 April 2012 in Brussels.

The objectives of the event are to exchange on the quality of local development strategies under Leader axis, on co-operation as a key component of local development strategies and to encourage a new wave of transnational cooperation projects. The event will be built up in a way to allow maximum interaction between participants from local action groups (LAGs), national rural networks, national authorities, EU organisations and other EU networks.

The event will take place at:The EggRue Bara 1751070 Brussels, BELGIUM

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International Symposium - Improved Fisheries and Science Partnerships as Policy Drivers


Organized in the framework of the Belgian EU presidency of the Council of the European Union, the purpose of this symposium is to discuss Fisheries and Science Partnerships in depth and to learn from best practices. The outcome of the symposium will be presented to EU Ministers during the November Fisheries Council.

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