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Fishing village anno 1906 - FLAG Bremerhaven - DE

Hit by the crisis of the seventies and eighties, the run down and somewhat industrial looking harbour area of Bremerhaven was the target of a series of regeneration projects. An Axis 4 project subsequently brought a fisheries dimension to these initiatives, aiming to increase the harbour´s attractiveness while also developing new outlets for fisheries products.


After various attempts to revive the harbour area of Bremerhaven, cooperation between a local fish wholesaler based in the harbour and the local FLAG built on earlier regeneration initiatives and has been successful in finally breathing life into the port area and making it an integral part of the rest of the town. A small, rustic fishing village was established at the port entrance, made up of 11 thatched huts based on traditional fishing huts from the year 1906. Restaurants, shopping possibilities (clothes and fish) and sightseeing are arranged as a “maritime attraction world” focused around fish. The oldest still existing “fish packing hall IV” (established 1906/ 1907) was also refurbished. Today 15 trading companies and gastronomes offer their products and services in these halls. The attraction centre is run by H-J Fiedler, a seafood delicacy company, and offers services such as catering, tourist information and the sale of fish and other local products to visitors.

 Key Lessons

> Relevance to FARNET themes: Regeneration, diversification, attracting private investment, cultural heritage.
> Results: The diversification of the businesses in Bremerhaven´s harbour area has helped improve the attractiveness and image of the area (receiving large media coverage and many visitors) and the increasing visitor frequency of this major attraction has helped to improve sales in other local shops. Moreover, as well as safeguarding 47 existing jobs, it has also led to the creation of two new jobs in the new sales outlets. The project has received several entrepreneurship awards.
> Transferability: This project is relevant for many FLAGs looking at ways to re-integrate fishing harbours into the life of the local community. It could also develop synergies with projects that use art to revive fisheries harbours such as Ancona´s Arts and Fisheries Festival.
> Final Comment: A well thought out and integrated project that, as well as encouraging economic diversification and private investment, developed new public transport links to make the area easily accessible from the city centre. The project also offers an example of how cultural heritage can be turned into a viable business model.

Total cost and EFF contribution

Total project cost: €395 000

EFF Axis 4: €158 000
National/Regional: €3 000
Private matching funding: €234 000


Project information

Title: Fishing Village
Duration: Approximately 1 year (early 2009 – January 2010)
Case study date: January 2011

Project promoter:
H.-J. Fiedler Meeresdelikatessen GmbH
Hans-Joachim Fiedler
H.J.Fiedler (at)
+ 49 471 93 22 30
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