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Fish All Days: Home delivery from the fishing boat - FLAG Terre di Mare - IT

Fish All Days allows customers to buy fresh fish straight from the boat - or have it delivered directly to their doorstep. By combining more traditional educational and promotional campaigns with the use of new technology and social media, a trawler from Molfetta has developed a loyal network of customers. 

The family fishing company,Facchini Pesca, was suffering from the poor prices it was fetching at the local wholesale auction. At the same time, a project of direct sales from the boat, “Fisch vom Kutter”, presented at a FARNET conference introduced the Terre di Mare FLAG to the idea that direct sales of fish to the consumer could be a solution for some of its local fishing boats. Mimmo Facchini, in charge of the administrative side of his family company (his brother skippers their 23 metre trawler) also became convinced of the potential of this idea and, with the continued support and encouragement of the FLAG, worked to develop their own version of “Fish from the Boat”.

The project consisted of equipping the family boat to be able to sell their fish directly to the consumer while respecting health & safety rules and equipping their van to be able to transport fish in refrigerated conditions. This was followed by substantial work to promote the company’s direct sales service and raise awareness among the local population of the health benefits of eating traceable and quality, local fish.


Actions have included: the organisation of a “fashion & fish” educational event; the development of flyers and place mats for local restaurants; setting up a Facebook page with information and prices of fish caught by Facchini Pesca; and the use of social media to engage the local population in discussions around the qualities of local fish and different ways of preparing it.  Consumers can place orders on Facebook or by email, telephone, sms or WhatsApp (minimum 3 kg & 1 kg per species) and receive the delivery directly at home upon the return of the boat. Mimmo and his son deliver the fish in person, providing information on the different fish (where they were caught, how long different species can be kept without freezing, how to clean them, ideas of recipes...) building a close personal relationship with their customers. The development of a website with online sales too is also under development.

Key lessons

Relevance to FARNET themes: Adding value to fisheries products, direct sales, innovation.

> Results: By diversifying its sales activity, the fishing company, Facchini Pesca, has re-established the link between fisherman and consumer and in so doing has increased its revenue from fish sales by 30-35%. After 10 months, Fish all Days is already delivering fish to a loyal customer base of 60 households, including some up to 100km from its landing point. It is also delivering to 6 local restaurants and expects to create an additional job when reaching 100 customers.

Transferability: The idea for this project was itself transferred from the German Axis 4 project, Fisch vom Kutter, which was then adapted to the context in Molfetta and developed to also include home delivery. Direct sales from fishing boats, including home delivery, can be transferred to many fisheries areas around Europe where poor wholesale prices undermine the profitability of the local fishing activity. Fishing companies considering direct sales will need to take into consideration national and EU legislation on direct sales and food safety and the FLAG can provide support here. It is also important that the fishing company has a dedicated person with the time and ability to manage the marketing and, in this case the distribution, of its catch.

> Final Comment: The FLAG’s support to clarify legal and administrative barriers to direct selling was fundamental for the development of this project. Indeed, a prior project by the FLAG to develop a handbook to direct sales provided a key tool to facilitate Fish All Days. In terms of the project’s success factors, key points include the time dedicated to the constant and professional management of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Linked-in, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube and Vimeo) with the support of a professional marketing agency; and the personal contact between customers and a dynamic project promoter, passionate about his product. The emotional tie developed between producer and consumer has ensured a solid base of satisfied and loyal customers who value the quality of the both the product and the service offered.



Total cost and EFF contribution

Total project cost: €42 000

Own financing: €42 000

Axis 4: animation and project development support



Project information

Title: Fish All Days                             

Duration: December 2013 – ongoing

Case study date: October 2014


Project promoter

Facchini  Pesca s.a.s.

Domenico Facchini

domenicofacchini (at)

+39 335 135 3410


FLAG details              

GAC Terre di Mare, Italy

Angelo Farinola

gacterredimare (at)

+39 0802146387 

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