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Fisch vom Kutter, FLAG Ostseeküste, Germany

Jan Meyer has been fishing since 1973, but with the evolution of the fishing industry, he has increasingly seen low or highly fluctuating prices for species such as cod or flounder, which are generally sold via wholesale. This project aims to tackle this issue by selling part of the catch directly to the final customer. By developing an innovative new website, Jan and his son are now able to inform customers about their catch in "real time". On the website, fishermen can send details of their catch via SMS while at sea and customers can see where, when and what fish are available. Coupled with information boards at the landing sites and a brochure, "Fisch vom Kutter", the project is increasing the amount and value of direct sale of freshly caught fish in the region of Ostseeküste, as well as fostering links between producers and customers.

Total Cost: approx. €21 000
Axis 4 contribution: €9 600
National /Regional co-financing: €
Private match funding: in kind and voluntary work

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