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FARNET Managing Authorities meeting 23-24.11.2016

Managing Authorities and National Networks met in Brussels on 23-24 November 2016 for an exchange focusing primarily on facilitating FLAG cooperation. The event was an opportunity for MAs to understand the provisions laid down at EU level and the key steps involved in developing cooperation projects. A series of working groups and informal clinics allowed participants to explore the different approaches around Europe to implementing cooperation and how best to harmonise national rules and procedures which, if not compatible, can pose serious barriers to FLAGs wishing to cooperate with other regions or countries. MAs and National Networks also worked through potential support activities that could be provided to FLAGs in order to maximize their ability to develop ideas, find partners and implement effective projects. Two additional themes addressed were simplifying CLLD delivery and strengthening the results-orientation of CLLD. Presentations included information from DG EMPL on simplified cost options and from DG MARE on the new reporting requirements for the EMFF.

Report of the meeting

Participants List

Wednesday, 23 November 2016
From 13.30

Registration and welcome coffee


Introductory session
• Welcome, update of the FARNET Support Unit team and presentation of the agenda

• Introduction by DG MARE 

• The use of Simplified Cost Options for CLLD (presentation by Colin Byrne, DG EMPL)

• Interactive exercise: state of play


Introducing cooperation (plenary)
• Information about cooperation rules in the EMFF and DG AGRI cooperation guidance (DG MARE/DG AGRI)

• Presentation of the practical implementing steps involved developing in a cooperation project

• Overview of cooperation provisions foreseen around the EU and feedback from the MS


Working Groups: improving delivery and harmonising procedures
Analysis of MS-specific rules on cooperation, including a special session for MAs which organise cooperation at national or regional level

In parralel: Tri-laterals and bi-laterals

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Facilitating cooperation (plenary)
• PPT by Estonian MA on the specific provisions for cooperation (procedures, eligible costs, support for FLAGs, including the role of NN)

• PPT on FARNET support to cooperation (FSU)


Working Groups
3 parallel working groups: what can MAs and NNs do to support FLAG cooperation?

(Discussion around potential support activities, including: the role of NNs, websites, databases, partner searches, targeted meetings, support for translation, advice on rules etc.)


Plenary – keeping a focus on results
• Key messages from the FARNET seminar in Helsinki (May 2016)

• Information from DG MARE on mandatory monitoring requirements


Parallel activities (clinics):
Q&A type clinic with FAME
Q&A type clinic on cooperation

In parallel: Bi- and tri-laterals


Lessons learnt (plenary)
• Feedback from the clinics

• Lessons and foreseen actions on cooperation (in relation with issues identified and next steps)


Final session (plenary)
• Presentation of first draft of FARNET work programme for 2017

• Information about upcoming events at EU level and in the MS

• Conclusions (next steps) and good-byes

From 15.45

Last round of bi- or tri-laterals