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FARNET Managing Authorities meeting 15-16.02.2012

MAs prepare for transition to the next programming period

The FSU hosted a meeting for representatives from MAs and NNs on the 15th and 16th of February 2012 which addressed the challenges they face in the transition between the current and forthcoming programmes including the coordination demands implied by the proposed Partnership Contracts. The meeting brought together around 50 participants, including MAs from around Europe, the European Commission and FSU team members. In particular, the presentations and working group sessions focused on addressing the implications of the Common Strategic Framework and the Partnership Contracts as well as the implications of the proposed EMFF for Community Led Local Development in fisheries areas. Participants took account of MA, FLAG and Network perspectives as they worked through the practical challenges and timing considerations associated with preparing for the next period. The meeting also included short sessions on the facilitating of lists of all Axis 4 projects by each Member State and on Axis 4 publicity and visibility. 

Introduction to the meeting and objectives 

 Wednesday, 15 February 2012
14.15 – 15.30

From EFF to EMFF
The implications of the Common Strategic Framework and the Partnership Contracts for Axis 4
The CLLD proposals and implications of the EMFF for Axis 4 

15.45 – 16.40Identifying and addressing the challenges of transition - Working Groups

Exploring good practice examples
Finland - preparing the transition from EFF to EMFF 
Leader mentorship in transition: the Swedish Rural Network 

Thursday, 16 February 2012
09.10 – 10.10

Exploring good practice examples: Continuation of previous session with further inputs and discussion
The Bornholm LAG history: experience in Leader transitions 
Better Local Development Strategies: Key points from the Leader Focus group 4 

10.10 – 13.00Transition planning, establishing the next steps - Working groups and feedback
14.00 – 15.00

Establishing timelines What needs to happen when?  Establishing a timeline for the most important and urgent actions. -pictures available soon-

15.00 – 15.15

Project Information:  developing, structuring and making best use of the project information resource 

15.15 – 15.30Publicity, Axis 4 and projects: input and discussion covering what to publicise and why, what is essential, what is effective 

15.30 – 16.00

Information on future FARNET activities, closing remarks, evaluation