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FARNET Managing Authorities meeting 12-13.03.2013

“The theme of FARNET Managing Authorities meeting on 12-13 March 2013 was “Looking ahead and delivering”. It dealt with issues related to the implementation of the current Axis 4 as well as information and ideas concerning preparation for the future Operational Programmes. Presentations and discussion in small groups focused on: how FLAGs can contribute to the development of the fisheries sector and fisheries areas, the Commission’s guidance on CLLD, draft templates of the Partnership Agreements and Operational Programmes, as well as an exchange on different approaches to eligibility.”


Report of the meeting

Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Introduction, agenda, theme
Presentation by FSU and DG MARE
10.15Where are we now?Short introduction and progress update from Member States regarding the present and future periods


Why fisheries CLLD?Presentation - Making the fisheries case, demonstrating how Axis 4 can benefit the fishing sector and fisheries communities
11.00Why fisheries CLLD?Group work – how can you positively influence participation and decisions regarding the successor of Axis 4 in the EMFF
11.45 – 12.00  Coffee
12.00 Why fisheries CLLD?Feedback from group work
12.30The CLLD approach in fisheries areasPresentation of the CLLD Guidance prepared by the EC, followed by Q&A
13.15Lunch and trilateral meetings (1st round)Trilateral meetings are meetings (of approximately 1 hour) between individual MAs, DG MARE Desk Officers and FSU experts dealing with the Member State, including key Axis 4 implementation issues and implications for the next OP
14.45The CLLD approach in fisheries areasAny outstanding questions concerning the CLLD Guidance, prepared by the Commission, or questions arising from the first round of trilaterals
15.00How to maximise CLLD potential for fisheries areas?Presentation on the Commission Template for the Partnership Agreement, followed by Q&A session and a discussion of how fisheries areas are best addressed  in the overall design of CLLD
16.30 Coffee

Trilateral meetings, 2nd round

As above

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

09.00Trilateral meetings, 3rd roundAs above
10.00Welcome day 2Brief review of previous day’s discussion and any outstanding emerging issues from trilaterals
10.15How to programme CLLD in the EMFF OP?Presentation of the OP template and guidance, with a focus on issues related to fisheries CLLD, followed by Q&A and short exercise
11.45 – 12.00  Coffee
12.00Ensuring eligibility, avoiding risksPreliminary discussion of different approaches to what can and what cannot be financed within Axis 4
12.45Lunch and trilateral meetings, 4th roundAs above
14.00Ensuring eligibility, avoiding risksExchange of experience on different MA approaches to eligibility: problems and solutions
15.00Wrap and close 
15.15Optional further  trilateral meetings, 5th roundDepending on MA/DO availability and departure times