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FARNET Managing Authorities meeting 24-25.05.2011

Following the suggestion by many Member States to try to vary the location of the FARNET managing authorities and national network meetings to actually experience the challenges faced by local fisheries areas, the 6th edition of this type of events took place on the Danish island of Bornholm.

This event was co-organized by the National Network Unit from the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries and the FARNET Support Unit with the help of the FLAG/LAG Bornholm.These two days were organized as to maximize the use of the special location of this event while ensuring a continuation of the activities of the FARNET MA/NN work.

Participants were therefore taken through a series of activities which combined field trips and case studies with work in smaller groups and plenary presentations geared around the themes of cooperation and the use of different models for integrated local development.

The hospitality and support received from the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries as well as from the FLAG/LAG Bornholm was outstanding and greatly contributed to the success of the event. Please find below all the available presentations and outputs.

FARNET Managing Authorities meeting 26-27.01.2011

Managing Authorities discuss delivery models

Managing Authorities met in January for their 5th FARNET meeting where the main theme was Axis 4 delivery systems in the different Member States. MA representatives from Estonia, France and Spain (Andalusia) presented the administrative systems in place in their countries before participants were broken into three groups to ask questions and discuss each of the different models. Sessions were also devoted to drawing lessons from the European Court of Auditors´ report on the Leader approach to rural development (with DG AGRI presenting its responses to the report´s recommendations) and examining work to date in the different countries on the interim evaluation of the EFF. This included a presentation from Timo Halonen on Finland´s work on evaluating Axis 4, the types of indicators they were using and the involvement of the FLAGs. You will find all the available meeting's material in the table below.

FARNET Managing Authorities meeting 28-29.09.2010

Late September 2010, the FARNET Support Unit welcomed Managing Authorities to their fourth meeting in Brussels for a two day event to explore financial issues related to Axis 4 implementation. Presentations by Jean Michel Courades (DG AGRI), Mindaugas Palionis (Lithuanian Ministry of Agriculture) and FSU team members, and the subsequent discussions in small working groups, enabled participants to exchange on difficulties encountered and solutions developed in the 18 Member states represented at the meeting. The second day was dedicated to the subject of transnational cooperation as well as looking into ways to facilitate exchanges across the FARNET community.

FARNET Managing Authorities meeting 14.04.2010

In April the FARNET Support Unit welcomed Managing Authorities to their third meeting in Brussels to work on how to develop national action plans for capacity building for FLAGs. Presentations and discussions addressed the needs identified by FLAGs  (i.e. skills, advice, guidance, organisational support etc.) and the different tools that could be developed to address these needs. Examples of capacity building for FLAGs in Spain and Denmark were presented by the respective National Networks while the European Network for Rural Development and the Swedish Rural Network brought their networking and support experience from a rural and a European perspective. Finally, working in small groups, participants draw up their own “capacity building road map” to identify the support needs specific to the stage of Axis 4 implementation in which they currently found themselves.

FARNET Managing Authorities meeting - 19.02.2010

Held on 19 February 2010 at the FARNET Support Unit (FSU), the second meeting of the Magaging Authorities in charge  of Axis 4 of the EFF focused on "Selecting effective strategies for fisheries areas" .

FARNET Managing Authorities meeting - 15.10.2009

On 15 October 2009 the Managing Authorities and national networks of all 21 Member States implementing Axis 4 of the EFF were invited to the Support Unit’s offices in Brussels to discuss progress to date and the specific support they needed to ensure the remaining stages of implementation are carried out as soon and as effectively as possible.