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EMPREAMAR – business mentoring and coaching - FLAG Fisterra - Ría Muros - Noia - ES

The EMPREAMAR project has targeted local people, in particular the unemployed from the fisheries sector, with the provision of business mentoring, coaching and financial support in order to encourage the creation of new sustainable businesses in the fisheries sector. The project has resulted in the creation of 8 new business initiatives in the FLAG area.


Lack of adequate entrepreneurial skills and sufficient economic resources are two common constraints faced by entrepreneurs in the development of new business initiatives in fisheries areas around Europe. In Galicia, the Finisterra FLAG launched a support programme, EMPREAMAR, to offer capacity building and support for local unemployed people to develop and implement new business initiatives in the fisheries sector. The project involved contracting fisheries experts associated with the regional universities to provide training on key subjects such as project development, viability assessment, communication and social media strategy, branding, marketing and grant application procedures. Participants also enjoyed close contact with successful entrepreneurs from the area and which had already benefited from EFF support in order to gain practical insights and tips for success. 

At the end of the training, and coached by the same experts, participants applied the knowledge acquired to develop a business proposal. From the proposals made, a selection committee chose the six with the most potential and which best fed into the FLAG’s local development strategy. These included: a project to produce and market shrimps; the production of smoked sardines; the creation of new production lines in an artisanal canning company; an environmental awareness-raising initiative, the development of a new system for the production and extraction of bivalves; and the introduction of new ways of producing seaweed. The selected business initiatives subsequently received personalised advice and mentoring and, in some cases, premises were made available to initiate their activities. In addition, those initiatives in need of financial support could apply for a FLAG grant in the following call for projects. 

Key lessons

Relevance to FARNET themes: Capacity building, adding value to local fisheries products and marine resources, alternative marketing, job creation, diversification of the fisheries sector.

Results: Since the start of EMPREAMAR, 30 local unemployed people have been trained and received coaching to put in place their own businesses in the fisheries sector. Eight business initiatives have already been implemented which are expected to result in the creation of at least 10 new jobs.

Transferability: Capacity building and entrepreneurship are priority areas for many FLAGs across Europe. Projects to foster entrepreneurial skills and support the development and implementation of business initiatives can help overcome challenges faced in many fisheries areas. Moreover, this project shows how FLAGs can play a key role in mobilising current beneficiaries and their expertise for the benefit of the future entrepreneur.

> Final Comment: Support to entrepreneurship is often addressed by just one type of activity e.g. capacity building or direct support to beneficiaries. EMPREAMAR demonstrates how FLAGs can broaden the strategic approach for entrepreneurship and make use of the synergies existing between different activities such as training, mentoring and coaching as well as grants and incubator services.


Total cost and EFF contribution        

Total project cost: €51 800

EFF Axis 4: €38 850

Regional co-financing: €12 950


Title: EMPREAMAR - business mentoring and coaching

Duration: 16 months (Feb 2014 – June 2015)

Training: 4 months; mentoring and coaching: 12 months

Case study date:  August 2014     


Project promoter 

Finisterra - Ría Muros - Noia FLAG                        

Manuela Oviedo               

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