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Ecotourism in a protected area, FLAG Sotavento, Portugal

 Ria Formosa is a natural park at the southern tip of Portugal. This fragile ecosystem is composed of tidal marshes and islands, where fishing and shellfish production remain important economic activities. This short video clip tells the story of a local shellfish producer, who had to reduce the scale of his operation to comply with environmental protection measures, and because of low profitability, but subsequently filled the gap by developing a complementary business providing eco-tours. Thanks to support from the local FLAG, João Sabino successfully developed and launched his eco-tourism project within the Ria Formosa natural park. By bringing tourists onto his shellfish concession, and explaining the history and environmental features of the area, João is now able to complement and integrate his work as a producer with an activity that helps people to learn about and look at the area differently.    
 Total Cost: €31520
 Axis 4 contribution: €14184
 National /Regional co-financing: €4728
 Private match funding: €12608

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