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“Put ‘n’ Take” recreational fishery - FLAG West Jutland - DK

This “put and take” fishery offers an easy way for families and friends to experience sea fishing in a safe and accessible environment where, in addition, the catch is guaranteed. This innovative activity increases the tourist offer in the area while creating an alternative market for local fish via a unique collaboration between a local aquarium, a fishmonger and local fishermen.

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Hotel “A de Lolo” - FLAG Costa da Morte - ES

To diversify her family’s economic activity, Maria Luz, a retired fisherman's wife opened a very distinctive hotel and restaurant with a local maritime theme in the village of Muxia, a highly attractive touristic point where demand for accommodation was going unmet. This created five full-time and four part-time jobs.

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Benboa: restaurant, bar & delicatessen - FLAG Ría de Arousa - ES

Creating 17 jobs, Benboa is a project that has breathed new life into a small fishing village by reviving and diversifying the activities of a local shellfish supplier. Benboa offers visitors the experience of seeing live shellfish, while having the opportunity to buy, prepare and taste seafood, all in one place.


À l’Ostendaise Menu - FLAG West Flanders - BE

 À l’Ostendaise, brings together local fishermen and restaurants to create and promote a new market for local fish, turning them into quality dishes in Ostend’s top restaurants.



Mar Galaica: coordinating & promoting fisheries-related tourism - FLAG Noia - ES

Mar Galaica is an ambitious project which brings together the fisheries sector and other key maritime stakeholders to create an integrated tourism package along the Galician coast, promoting local fisheries products and heritage while offering an authentic taste of the region’s fishing communities. Its comprehensive website was launched in the FLAG area with 57 fisheries companies offering 97 different tourism products and subsequently extended to the whole Galician coast.


Tourism projects from FLAG Fair in Sardinia

The FARNET seminar opened with an exhibition of around 70 different projects related to tourism from the fisheries areas present at the event. Participants displayed promotional material and descriptions of projects that are helping to promote their local fisheries heritage and raise awareness of the fishing activity as well as projects creating new sources of revenue within and around fishing. Some of these included: activities linked to the fishing activity such as pesca-tourism or guided visits of aquaculture sites; improving infrastructure to make ports more attractive to tourists; support for local fish restaurants and accommodation provided by fishermen and their families; and projects that foster cooperation between the fisheries and tourist sectors to develop and market successful tourist products and services.

FARNET.lab "Linking fisheries to the tourism economy": Sardinia, Italy - 22-24 October 2013

This seminar was FARNET’s second lab-style event in which participants worked on a very specific theme, in this case - how to link fisheries to the tourism economy. Organised at the initiative of DG Mare and with the support of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia and the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, this transnational seminar took place in Sardinia from the 22-24 October 2013.  It brought together over 80 FLAGs from 20 different EU countries, along with members of national and regional authorities responsible for implementing Axis 4, in order to work through the process of supporting fisheries-related tourism. Dedicated working groups guided participants through three key themes: matching fisheries areas’ assets and markets; developing fisheries-related tourism products; and promoting and marketing fisheries related tourism packages. A combination of presentations and working guidance from experts from the tourism industry offered FLAGs the basic building blocks to tackle these themes as well as a chance to work through practical examples. Further presentations, a visit to see an Italian pesca-tourism boat and “itti-tourism” restaurant, and the exhibition of around 70 FLAG projects also gave participants an overview of different types of tourism projects that are helping fishing communities to tap into the potential that that tourism economy can offer.  

Diversifying captures - FLAG The three Estuaries (Somme, Authie and Canche) - FR

Bringing together environmental research and fisheries to diversify local production, this project has put fishermen at the heart of a process to develop an economically and environmentally sustainable strategy to ease pressure on their main target species while safeguarding their activity.


Cooperation on fisheries diversification in Poland

Two Polish FLAGs, Slowinska and North Kaszuby, are working together on a cooperation project on “Diversifying fisheries activities and promoting good practices”. The first step of the project was a conference organised in Wladyslawowo, with participants from the two partner FLAGs, as well as from some Swedish and Estonian groups. The second stage involved a study visit to Finland to get acquainted with FLAG activities there, and the kinds of support being offered to fishermen. There was also an interesting exchange about challenges facing the fisheries sector in Poland and Finland, as well as visits to some local projects.

This initiative has led to the publication of a brochure presenting diversification good practices in European fisheries areas.(PL) 

Public consultation - Challenges and opportunities for maritime and coastal tourism in Europe

Acknowledging the economic potential of sustainable coastal and maritime tourism in the EU as well as the multiple challenges ahead for this sector, the European Commission will present a Communication on the "Challenges and Opportunities for Maritime and Coastal Tourism in the EU" in 2012. In view of the preparation of this Communication, the Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries and the Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry are launching a Public Consultation, which will be open until 6 August 2012

Through an online questionnaire, this consultation aims at gathering the opinion of individuals and stakeholders that have an interest in and would like to shape the EU actions in the maritime and coastal tourism sectors.

More information and online questionnaire here