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"Boosting business along the fisheries supply chain": Thessaloniki, Greece 18-20 October 2016

At the initiative of the European Commission, and with the support of the Hellenic Ministry of Rural Development & Food and the Thessaloniki FLAG, FARNET's third transnational seminar of the 2014-2020 programming period took place on 18-20 October 2016. The theme of the event, “Boosting business along the fisheries supply chain”, was designed to equip Fisheries Local Action Groups with the tools to help local stakeholders tap into opportunities along the fisheries supply chain. In particular, the mix of plenary sessions and working groups focused on trends and opening up new markets for local fisheries and aquaculture products; linking the private sector with science and research; ensuring direct support is available to local businesses in FLAG areas; and better engaging aquaculture producers and fishermen (especially small scale and coastal) to work in new ways to boost business opportunities. The seminar was followed by a study visit to projects in the Thessaloniki FLAG area. 

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Wednesday, 19 October

9.00 -10.30

Introductory Plenary session

• Welcome by DG MARE and the Hellenic Ministry

• Introduction to the seminar theme: boosting business along the value chain, FARNET Support Unit

• Presentation by the Thessaloniki FLAG of their successes and challenges for supporting businesses along the supply chain 

Inspirational Plenary session - boosting business in practice

• Providing direct support to businesses along the value chain, Hattie Booth, Community Seafood Officer, North Devon, UK         

• From science to new production and business opportunities, Elena Herbello, Vigo FLAG, Spain

• Accessing new markets with by-catch, Angelidis Panagiotis, Blue Crab P.C., Greece

• Making businesses future-proof, Ellen Anthoni, Trendwolves, Belgium 

• Value chain finance, Ioannis Chaniotakis, Piraeus Bank, Greece 

12.00-13.30Thematic working groups (round 1)
Participants will attend one of the following parallel sessions:

• Direct support to businesses, supported by Hattie Booth, Community Seafood Officer, North Devon, UK

• Linking fisheries businesses with science & research, introduced by Ricardo Calado, University of Aveiro, Portugal

• Accessing new markets, introduced by David Lamb, ENRD, and supported by Ellen Anthoni, Trendwolves

• Engaging with the small-scale fisheries sector, introduced by Jeremy Percy, Executive Director of the LIFE Platform

Plenary session on the EU market for fisheries & aquaculture products

• Producer Organisations as strategic partners for FLAGs, DG MARE 

• Key fisheries trends in the EU, EUMOFA 


“Ask the expert” – over coffee
Interactive Q&A session during which FLAGs can ask questions on a bilateral basis to the different experts and practitioners mobilised during the seminar (further details provided in the pack) 

Cooperation corner will be run in parallel for participants with ideas or questions regarding FLAG cooperation


Thematic working groups (round 2)
The parallel working groups are repeated, allowing participants to attend a second thematic workshop:

• Direct support to businesses

• Linking fisheries businesses with science & research

• Accessing new markets

• Engaging with the small-scale fisheries sector

Thursday, 20 October

9.00 -9.30

Plenary session - introducing business plans

• Introduction on the FLAG’s role in supporting successful business plans

• Case study presentation on how to develop and assess a good business plan, Jozef Myrczek, cooperative bank “Silesia”, Poland

Working group exercise – A good business plan: what to look for!
Parallel workshops in which all participants will work through some of the key building blocks of a good business plan

• Presentation 

• Business plan   Also available in:

11.00-12.30"Sofa Session"
Facilitated thematic exchange based on eight selected projects examples

Project descriptions and presentations


Closing session
Messages to take home & conclusions

Working Group conclusions


Field Trip to projects in the Thessaloniki FLAG area 

• New products and markets for mussel and crab (Olympias)

• Adapting production processes to meet new contexts (Mega Ostrakon)

• Inspiration from a rice cooperative: additional activity in the supply chain