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Benboa: restaurant, bar & delicatessen - FLAG Ría de Arousa - ES

Creating 17 jobs, Benboa is a project that has breathed new life into a small fishing village by reviving and diversifying the activities of a local shellfish supplier. Benboa offers visitors the experience of seeing live shellfish, while having the opportunity to buy, prepare and taste seafood, all in one place.


 Three young entrepreneurs, Paco, Ruben and Carlos, recently returned to their hometown, Corrubedo, a small fishing village in Galicia of 700 inhabitants. Few economic activities remain in the village and fishermen these days land their catch in the neighbouring town of Ribeira. And yet, 300,000 visitors pass through every year, attracted largely by the sand dunes and lagoons that have contributed to Corrubedo’s protected status. The three friends grasped this opportunity to make a change by harnessing local seafood cuisine, education and tourism.

 The project itself involved renovating an old salting factory and transforming it into a multi-purpose space, Benboa. It was built around existing live shellfish supply activities and the expansion into Benboa saw the development of a seafood restaurant, bar, fishmonger, processing unit and gourmet shop selling artisanal Galician products and ready-made meals from the processing unit. As such, Benboa makes up for many of the services lacking in the village. It also offers cookery workshops, wine tasting, lectures, maritime culture exhibitions, as well as concerts and performances – all with the purpose of promoting the consumption of Galician fisheries products. The space has been decorated with touches of local maritime tradition: nautical lamps, decorative boat rope, toilets in the style of a ship’s cabin, shelves made from recovered tuna cages and tables made from wooden rafts.

Key lessons

Relevance to FARNET themes: diversification, tourism, adding value to fisheries products

Effectiveness/efficiency: The project promoters point 17 new jobs created (14 full-time and 3 part-time) for local people as cooks (5), waiters (5), fishmonger & delicatessen (1), cleaners and maintenance (2), as well as in administration and management (4). Two additional jobs for waiters have also been created for the summer period. With a turnover of more than €700 000 in the first year of running, Benboa attracted more than 12 000 clients and saw profits of approximately €60 000.

One of Benboa's strong points lies in its communication strategy. The comprehensive website that has been created includes information for visiting the area, videos, animations, special offers and culinary blogs. This has generated significant press interest as well as attracting a large number of Benboa’s clients. The webpage has received 120 000 visitors since its launch a few months ago.

Transferability: This sort of project could be transferable to other areas with nearby populations and strong tourism potential that is underexploited. The significant investment necessary to renovate and equip premises for such operations does, however, imply that FLAGs would need substantial budgets to support this ambitious type of project.

Final Comment: Benboa illustrates a creative way of revitalizing an area with little economic activity, combining innovation with the promotion of the local marine tradition, and the development of leisure and culinary experiences with the creation of local jobs


Total cost and EFF contribution

Total Project total:  €466 177.60

EFF Axis 4: €186 471.03

National/regional contribution €72 723.70

Other/ Private:  €150 000 bank loan, €129 706.57 own contribution

Project information:

Title: Benboa: restaurant, bar & delicatessen
Duration: Octobre 2011 - November 2012
Case study date: January 2014

Project promoter
Relento S.L.
Paco Teira, Carlos Brión & Rubén Brión
info (at)
+34 653 924 608

FLAG details
Ría de Arousa, Galicia, Spain
gac5 (at)
+34 986 510 953

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