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Arrainetik: cooperative processing plant - FLAG Côte Basque Sud Landes - FR

A French Axis 4 study led to a €700 000 investment to set up a cooperative processing plant near the fishing port of St Jean de Luz / Ciboure. The plant is now supplying school canteens and other contract caterers with previously underused local fish species.

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Faced with difficulties to develop collective projects within the agri-food sector, and especially within processing of fisheries products, the inter-municipal body, the Agglomération Sud Pays Basque, involved a range of public and private stakeholders in a thorough feasibility study for processing and marketing the area’s fisheries products, in particular those landed in Bayonne. Producers, processors, contract caterers and public bodies were all mobilised to take part in this analysis which helped develop an action plan to connect the offer of local fisheries products with new local markets. 

The results of this initiative included the identification of significant demand from school and other contract caterers for local, “ready to cook” seafood and led to investments to set up a cooperative processing plant that supplies school, hospital and other canteens in the area with local fish fillets. The local producer organisation, fishing committee and federation of municipalities all invested in the cooperative, along with private sector stakeholders.

Key lessons

Relevance to FARNET themes: Adding value, short circuits.

Results: The project resulted in a thorough study on the supply, demand and processing of local fish, along with the launch of a €700 000 cooperative processing plant that fillets & freezes local fish (processing an estimated 100 tonnes in year 1, expected to rise to 130 tonnes in year 2). The processing plant has been successful in accessing the “collective catering” market and resulted in 5 full-time jobs being created in the area, with a further 2 expected after 6 months.

Transferability: This sort of project is relevant for many fisheries areas, in particular where the local seafood catch has difficulties to access the local agri-food market. FLAGs are well placed to bring together different actors to study barriers and seek solutions that benefit multiple local sectors.

Final Comment: This project shows how Axis 4 can be used as seed money to study new opportunities for the local area and lever in bigger investments from outside the programme to put them into action.



Total cost and EFF contribution

Total project cost (feasibility study): €72 000

EFF Axis 4: €12 240

National co-financing: €6 120

Region & Province: €8 000

Project promoter (private investment): €45 640





Project information:

Title: Arrainetik cooperative processing plant

Duration: The study lasted from 2011- 2013 and the plant was launched in September 2014.                  

Case study date: February 2015 


Project promoter          

Agglomération Sud Pays Basque

Epiard Boris

deveco (at)

+33 5 59 48 30 85


FLAG details                 

Côte Basque – Sud Landes, France

f.gallet (at)

+33 5 59 47 65 49

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