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27 Percebeiros, FLAG Ría de Vigo, Spain

Axis 4 played a fundamental role in supporting a group of 27 shellfish gatherers to set up a company that would develop and market new products from goose barnacles, a highly sought after shellfish in Spain. The new products include natural canned barnacles and barnacle pâté with seaweed, which are now sold in gourmet outlets around the country. The idea is to add value to smaller sized barnacles, which are harvested to avoid them colonising the larger and more profitable barnacles but which fetch a considerably lower price. The project has taken these 27 barnacle gatherers into new areas of activity in which they are learning new skills and set to generate extra revenue while strengthening the market for their raw material. This project cost EUR 131 667 and received a grant of EUR 45 833 from the Ría de Vigo FLAG (ES07).    
• Total Cost: €131 667 (of which €91 667.00 eligible for Axis 4 funding)
• Axis 4 contribution: €27 958.44
• National /Regional co-financing: €8 937.53 (nat) + €8 937.53 (reg)
• Private match-funding: €45 833.50

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