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“Put ‘n’ Take” recreational fishery - FLAG West Jutland - DK

This “put and take” fishery offers an easy way for families and friends to experience sea fishing in a safe and accessible environment where, in addition, the catch is guaranteed. This innovative activity increases the tourist offer in the area while creating an alternative market for local fish via a unique collaboration between a local aquarium, a fishmonger and local fishermen.

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The idea for this project came from a local operator who manages a maritime themed local tourist attraction (the Jutland Aquarium and who wanted to diversify the local tourist offer. Three different project partners (a tourist operator, local fishermen and a fishmonger) are involved, each bringing a different area of expertise. The principle is very simple: close off part of the sea and stock this area with locally caught live fish to increase the chance of success for wannabe anglers. The fish is supplied live by local fishermen and comprises species such as plaice, turbot, cod and mackerel. Lobsters will also be stocked from next year. The fishing area is delimited by the beach, 2 dykes and a net closing the seaward side representing in total a square surface about 120X120 metres. Fishing is allowed both from the dykes and the beach using spinners or baited lines.

The project represents an additional fun activity especially suited for families with children looking for a different type of experience where all members of the family can join in. The business is run by the Jutland Aquarium and generates income by selling the fishing tickets, fishing tackle and bait as well as refreshments and light snacks. Amenities on the beach include a small cottage, tables, waste bins and benches where visitors can take shelter and rest. To compensate for disappointing catches, families are guaranteed fish on their table in the evening as, in case of blanking, they can go to the local fishmonger and get one free plaice per angler. Competitions have also been organised to attract more people and generate interest. 

 Key lessons

> Relevance to FARNET themes: Diversification of fisheries areas, linking tourism and local fisheries

> Results: The project has been a success from the outset with the fishery attracting anglers from day one. In total there were around 1000 visitors between August and December 2013. Local professional fishermen benefit from a new sales channel by supplying live fish, while the local fishmonger is attracting new customers to his shop.

> Transferability: Any coastal area could in principle set up a salt water “put and take” fishery, local legislation permitting. The area used for the fishery is state-owned and leased by the operator from the harbour authorities in Thyborøn. The operator had to obtain a number of different permissions from the authorities to set up the project (e.g. permission to close off the area and to release live fish into the water). The main operator behind the project is a successful tourist attraction with proven experience in marketing and running tourist products and this was certainly one of the key factors of success.

> Final Comment: This project is a clear example of successful collaboration fostered by Axis 4 between the tourism, fisheries and fish trading sectors, bringing clear benefits to the territory and all actors involved.


           Total cost and EFF contribution

           Total project cost:  €26 000                       

           EFF Axis 4: €5 000 (20%)

           National co-financing: €5 000 (20%)     

           Private funding: €16 000 (60%)



Project information

Title: Saltwater ”Put ’n’ Take” Fishery

Duration:  Summer 2013 – present           

Case study date:  May 2014         


Project promoter 

Michael Madsen

jyllands (at)

+45 97 83 28 08


West Jutland (Vestjylland) FLAG details

Søren Holm 

+45 99 75 26 02

sho (at)

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