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“Bagenkop Fish” cooperative trading company - FLAG Langeland - DK

Four local fishermen from Denmark teamed up to launch their own trading company following the closure of a large fishmonger and the diminishing market opportunities in the area. The company has since expanded into the downstream supply chain by developing a small processing workshop, a mobile fish shop and a smokehouse. Six jobs have been created in the local area.

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The project started in 2009 after the closure of the local branch of a nationwide fishmonger, meaning local fishermen could only sell their fish via the Hirtshals auction located 400 km away. Unhappy with this situation, four fishermen from Bagenkop Harbour (on the southern tip of Langeland island) got together and, with the support of the local FLAG, decided to create a company, “Bagenkop Fisk”, which would cater for both retail and wholesale.

Retailing was targeted at the local people of Langeland island by opening a fishmonger in Bagenkop, whilst for wholesale, the four fishermen purchased a refrigerated truck which allowed them to start delivering fresh fish to restaurants and business located both on the island and beyond.

A second phase of the project was launched in 2011 as a result of further collaboration with the local FLAG, who engaged a local facilitator to support local businesses to develop new activities. Through this process, the Bagenkop Fisk company developed a new range of products, including fillets and smoked fish.

More recently, the fishermen applied for a third extension of their project to purchase a mobile fish shop in order to supply fish to private customers who live too far away from Bagenkop. This investment in the mobile fish shop allows them to sell the Bagenkop fish not only in numerous locations on Langeland but also on the neighbouring island of Fyn.


Key lessons

> Relevance to FARNET themes: Adding value to local fish products, alternative marketing

> Results: Since 2009, the project has created 6 new jobs (5 employees who work alternately in production, sales and logistics, as well as one employee in administration). In addition to the jobs and increased economic activity, the project enhances local quality of life by offering residents and tourists the opportunity to buy locally caught fresh fish, an opportunity previously not available in the area.

> Transferability: this project could be interesting to any area where the distribution channels for local fish face shock or crisis (e.g. the traditional marketing company leaving the area) and which can provide room for local fishermen with the adequate knowledge and motivation to engage in the sector.

> Final Comment: The advisory service and the support received by Bagenkop Fisk from the local FLAG have helped them to manage and expand their project with good results. The FLAG has been involved in the project since the early stages and acted as a partner to the four dynamic local fishermen. Although the project originally involved 4 fishermen, most of the local fishermen are now part of it by delivering their fish to the joint company.

           Total cost and EFF contribution


Total project cost: € 191 952 (Phase I: € 56 762.37;

Phase II: € 101 990.17; Phase III: €33 200)

EFF Axis 4: € 40 486

National co-financing: € 40 486

Private funding: € 110 980



Project information

Title: “Bagenkop Fish” cooperative trading company

Duration:  Two years (2009-2011)             

Case study date:  May 2014                       


Project promoter 

Four individual fishermen


FLAG details

Langeland FLAG

amw (at)

+45 6251 35 05

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