Internal Ref. No.: 00258

General data

Internal Ref. No. 00258         
Additive name Sodium aluminium silicate
Synonym name(s)   
E No. E 554 INS No.
Group No  
Component of the group

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Authorisation of the use of this additive in Food Additives

The additive is authorised to be used in the following category(ies):

Individual restriction(s) / exception(s) ML = 20 mg/kg , carry-over in cheese. Only for salt intended for surface treatment of ripened cheese, food category 01.7.2
Restrictions and Specifications  
Footnotes 38 Expressed as aluminium

Applications for authorisation

  Application reference no. Categories Application date AAP decision Application status Legislation
» Regulation 2018/1497 (Internal Ref. No.: 00393)
  • Food supplements supplied in a solid form, excluding food supplements for infants and young children. The maximum levels of use indicated for colours, polyols, sweeteners, and E 200-213, E 338-452, E 405, E 416, E 426, E 432-436, E 459, E 468, E 473-475, E 491-495, E 551-553, E 901-904, E 961, E 1201-1204, E 1505 and E 1521 refer to the food supplements ready for consumption prepared following the instructions of use provided by the manufacturer. The dilution factor for those food supplements that have to be diluted or dissolved has to be communicated together with the instructions of use.’ (17.1)
09/10/2018 procedure completed click here
» 004/2015
  • Salt (12.1.1)
17/02/2015 procedure completed click here
» 000/2015
  • Salt (12.1.1)
19/01/2015 procedure initiated