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Calls for Proposals and Tenders

Returns the Forecast and Open calls published during the last ten days.   


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 Covenant of Mayors Going East - Supporting the participation of Eastern Partnership and Central Asian cities in the Covenant of Mayors
Programme: Neighbourhood Geographical Zone: Eastern Europe Region
Type: Action Grants Published: 08/04/2011
Status: Closed « 22/07/2011 Updated: 30/09/2016
Budget: 2,500,000 (EUR) Reference: EuropeAid/131258/C/ACT/Multi
word file  01. Guidelines English  08/04/2011
archive file  Annexes English  08/04/2011
word file  Brussels information session – 26 April 2011 English  20/04/2011
archive file  clarifications English  03/05/2011
word file  Corrigendum English  03/05/2011
archive file  Clarification (2) English  16/05/2011
word file  Corrigemdum (2) English  16/05/2011
word file  Info session English  30/05/2011
word file  Clarifications (3) English  05/07/2011
word file  Award English  22/03/2012

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