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Calls for Proposals and Tenders

Please note that the domain name ‘EuropeAid’ has been replaced by International Partnerships
For Calls for Tenders, published after 1st of August 2020, please refer to the Funding and Tenders Portal : Funding and Tender Opportunities Portal (F&T Portal).
Prior Information Notices (PIN) are no longer mandatory but if required they can be found via TED eNotices, by selecting the criteria: “External aid programmes”

Returns the Forecast and Open calls published during the last ten days.   


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 Published  Updated  Status  Type  Geographical Zone  Programme
133009 - Development of the method (strategy, technology) for the remediation activity at the former uranium facility “Pridneprovskiy Chemical Plant''
  16/05/2012   04/11/2013    Closed   Services    Ukraine   Nuclear Safety
133706 - Support to improving operational and maintenance procedures and promoting safety management at the NPPs of NNEGC “Energoatom'' (Ukraine); Enhancement of Nuclear Safety by extending the understanding of the influence of ‘human factors’
  27/11/2012   31/10/2013    Closed « 11/04/2013   Services    Ukraine   Nuclear Safety
134024 - Enhancement of ANPP Safety Culture and Nuclear Safety via implementation of IAEA OSART (Operational Safety Review Team) mission recommendations
  12/02/2013   31/10/2013    Closed « 15/04/2013   Services    Armenia   Nuclear Safety
134040 - Development of a Radioactive Waste and Spent Fuel Management Strategy for Armenia (A4.01.09)
  12/02/2013   23/10/2013    Closed « 17/04/2013   Services    Armenia   Nuclear Safety
133189 - Support to the operators in the preparation of Safety Assessment Reports for Georgian radwaste disposal and interim storage sites (G4.01.09)
  26/06/2012   13/09/2013    Closed « 04/01/2013   Services    Georgia   Nuclear Safety
132632 - Training and Tutoring for experts of the National Regulatory Authorities and their Technical Support Organisations for developing or strengthening their regulatory and technical capabilities
  06/03/2012   08/05/2013    Closed « 14/08/2012   Services    All Countries   Nuclear Safety
133230 - Enhancing the capabilities of National Nuclear Institutions to ensure safe nuclear power programmes
  06/07/2012   06/04/2013    Closed « 18/01/2013   Services    China   Nuclear Safety
132565 - Institutional and technical cooperation with GOSATOMNADZOR to develop its capabilities on the basis of transferred European safety principles and practices (Belarus)
  21/02/2012   26/02/2013    Closed « 03/10/2012   Supplies    Belarus   Nuclear Safety
133104 - Health and ecological programmes around the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone: development, training and coordination of health-related projects.
  12/06/2012   22/01/2013    Closed « 14/01/2013   Services    Ukraine   Nuclear Safety
132033 - “Implementation of Methodologies for Adaptation and Support of Living PSA for Ukrainian NPPs”
  04/10/2011   10/01/2013    Closed « 22/12/2011   Services    Ukraine   Nuclear Safety
132406 - Contributions to the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant (ANPP) operator for the implementation of the ''Stress Tests'' at ANPP (A1.01/11)
  04/01/2012   10/01/2013    Closed « 16/03/2012   Services    Armenia   Nuclear Safety
132962 - Operation of the Emergency Core Cooling System in long term cooling mode for Armenian NPP(A1.01/08 T1)
  04/05/2012   10/01/2013    Closed « 22/08/2012   Services    Armenia   Nuclear Safety
133185 - Improvement of the infrastructure for radioactive waste management in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Phase II
  26/06/2012   10/01/2013    Closed « 31/10/2012   Supplies    Ukraine   Nuclear Safety
131780 - Legal advice and assistance to the Commission concerning the financing, via an EBRD/Euratom loan, of the Consolidated Safety Upgrade Programme for the Nuclear Power Plants of Ukraine.
  27/07/2011   10/01/2013    Closed « 28/09/2011   Services    Ukraine   Nuclear Safety
131899 - Development and Implementation of an Automated Operator Information Display System Based on Algorithms of Symptom-Oriented Emergency Operating Procedures
  24/08/2011   10/01/2013    Closed « 22/12/2011   Services    Ukraine   Nuclear Safety
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