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Calls for Proposals and Tenders

Please note that the domain name ‘EuropeAid’ has been replaced by International Partnerships
For Calls for Tenders, published after 1st of August 2020, please refer to the Funding and Tenders Portal : Funding and Tender Opportunities Portal (F&T Portal).
Prior Information Notices (PIN) are no longer mandatory but if required they can be found via TED eNotices, by selecting the criteria: “External aid programmes”

 Municipality of Lekenik: construction of canal I, canal III and canal IV from Lekenik wastewater treatment plant to the business zone. Publication reference: 3010312047/WKS
Programme: Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance for Rural Development Geographical Zone: Croatia
Type: Works Published: 24/06/2013
Status: Open Updated: 24/06/2013
  Reference: EuropeAid/134769/M/WKS/HR
word file  Contract Notice English  24/06/2013

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