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Calls for Proposals and Tenders

 Support to Skills Development and Matching for Labour Market Needs
Programme: Neighbourhood Geographical Zone: Georgia
Type: Action Grants Published: 12/07/2019
Status: Open » 21/10/2019 Updated: 24/07/2019
Budget: 7,000,000 (EUR) Reference: EuropeAid/164732/DH/ACT/GE
word file  application form A1 CN.docx English  24/07/2019
word file  application form A2 full.docx English  24/07/2019
word file  Skills 4 Jobs Guidelines (final)11July.docx English  12/07/2019
excel file  e3c_budget_en.xls English  12/07/2019
word file  e3d_logframe_en.docx English  12/07/2019
acrobat file  e3e3_lefpublic_en.pdf English  12/07/2019
acrobat file  e3e2_lefcompany_en.pdf English  12/07/2019
acrobat file  e3e1_lefind_en.pdf English  12/07/2019
acrobat file  e3f_fif_en.pdf English  12/07/2019
acrobat file  Annex F - EuropeAid offline registration form.pdf English  12/07/2019
archive file  Annex G - Standard Grant English  12/07/2019
word file  Annex H - Declaration of honour on exclusion and selection criteria.doc English  12/07/2019
word file  Appendix - Derogations international organisations.doc English  12/07/2019
word file  Annex J - Information on the tax regime applicable to grant contracts.doc English  12/07/2019
word file  Annex K - Guidelines for Simplified cost options.doc English  12/07/2019

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