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Calls for Proposals and Tenders

 European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) Country Based Support Scheme (CBSS) in Malawi
Programme: Human Rights Geographical Zone: Malawi
Type: Action Grants Published: 14/03/2019
Status: Closed « 29/04/2019 Updated: 30/04/2020
Budget: 700,000 (EUR) Reference: EuropeAid/163358/DD/ACT/MW
word file  e11_publication_of_award_en.docx English  30/04/2020
acrobat file  Request for clarification.pdf English  12/04/2019
acrobat file  Presentation Information session 21 March.pdf English  08/04/2019
acrobat file  Information session Q&A session 21.03.2019.pdf English  08/04/2019
word file  EIDHR CBSS-2019-163358_MALAWI_Guidelines grant restricted FINAL.doc English  14/03/2019
word file  Annex A.1 - Grant application form - Concept note.rtf English  14/03/2019
word file  Annex A.2 - Grant application form - Full application.rtf English  14/03/2019
word file  11_Annex C - Logical framework.doc English  14/03/2019
excel file  9_Annex B - Budget.xls English  14/03/2019
archive file  8_Annex G - Standard Grant English  14/03/2019

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