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Calls for Proposals and Tenders

Please note that the domain name ‘EuropeAid’ has been replaced by International Partnerships
For Calls for Tenders, published after 1st of August 2020, please refer to the Funding and Tenders Portal : Funding and Tender Opportunities Portal (F&T Portal).
Prior Information Notices (PIN) are no longer mandatory but if required they can be found via TED eNotices, by selecting the criteria: “External aid programmes”

Returns the Forecast and Open calls published during the last ten days.   


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 Urbayiti: gouvernance et resilience urbaines
Programme: Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Geographical Zone: Haiti
Type: Action Grants Published: 16/08/2018
Status: Closed « 01/10/2018 Updated: 30/11/2018
Budget: 4,500,000 (EUR) Reference: EuropeAid/160872/DD/ACT/HT
word file  Lignes directrices URBAYITI gouvernance et resilience urbaines.doc French  16/08/2018
word file  CORRIGENDUM mise à jour des annexes.doc French  30/11/2018
archive file  annexes French  30/11/2018
excel file  B Budget.xlsx French  30/11/2018
word file  A formulaire pour proposition complète.docx French  30/11/2018
word file  C Cadre logique.docx French  30/11/2018
acrobat file  D Fiche entité légale.pdf French  30/11/2018
acrobat file  E Fiche identité financière.pdf French  30/11/2018
archive file  G modèle de French  30/11/2018
word file  J Régime fiscal applicable.doc French  30/11/2018
word file  K lignes directrices coûts simplifiés.docx French  30/11/2018
acrobat file  Questions réponses 2.pdf French  01/10/2018
archive file  ppt French  12/09/2018
acrobat file  Séance information 5 septembre- corrigendum.pdf French  31/08/2018
acrobat file  Questions réponses.pdf French  12/09/2018

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