Removal of the Unexploded Ordinances (UXO) from the Danube River in Serbia




1.      Publication reference:


2.      Procedure:


3.      Programme:


4.      Financing:

IPA 2010

5.      Contracting Authority:

     The European Union, represented by the EU Delegation to the Republic of Serbia, on          behalf of and for the account of the beneficiary country

6.      Nature of contract:

Global price

7.      Contract description

This contract is for services to safely remove and dispose of UXO from selected locations along the Serbian reaches of the Danube River.

8.      Indicative maximum budget:

3 M

9.      Intended timing of publication of the procurement notice:

September 2010.

10.  Additional information


11.  Legal basis

Council Regulation (EC) No.1085/2006 of 17th July 2006 establishing an Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) and EC regulation No. 718/2007 of 12th June 2007 which implements Council Regulation (EC) No 1085/2006.


There must be a minimum period of 30 calendar days between the publication of this contract forecast and the publication of the corresponding procurement notice.

No applications or requests for information should be sent at this stage.