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 Strengthening the capacity of non-State actors to promote women's rights and gender equality in Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Syria, Tunisia, and Mauritania
Programme: Investing in People Geographical Zone: Mediterranean Region
Type: Action Grants Published: 09/11/2009
Status: Closed « 08/02/2010 Updated: 30/09/2016
  Reference: EuropeAid/129205/C/ACT/Multi
word file  Guidelines English  09/11/2009
archive file  Annexes English  09/11/2009
word file  clarifications English  03/12/2009
word file  Info day English  10/12/2009
word file  corrigendum to Info Day English  07/01/2010
word file  clarifications n° 3 English  13/01/2010
archive file  Info day English  14/01/2010
word file  clarifications n° 2 English  07/01/2010
word file  Clarificaton to Info Day English  28/01/2010
word file  clarifications N° 4 English  28/01/2010
default file  Corrigendum English  23/04/2010
word file  clarifications n° 5 English  10/06/2010
word file  Lignes directrices French  09/10/2009
archive file  Annexes French  09/11/2009
word file  clarifications French  03/12/2009
word file  Info day French  10/12/2009
word file  corrigendum Info Day French  07/01/2010
word file  clarifications n° 3 French  13/01/2010
archive file  Info day French  14/01/2010
word file  Clarification to Info Day French  28/01/2010
word file  clarification n° 2 French  07/01/2010
word file  Clarification n° 4 French  28/01/2010
default file  Corrigendum French  23/04/2010
word file  Attribution French  02/03/2011

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