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Calls for Proposals and Tenders

Returns the Forecast and Open calls published during the last ten days.   


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 Civil Society Facility and Media 2016-2017 - Turkey Supporting core functions of civil society organizations
Programme: PreAccession Countries / New Member States Geographical Zone: Turkey
Type: Action Grants Published: 31/01/2018
Status: Closed « 21/03/2018 Updated: 12/03/2019
Budget: 5,000,000 (EUR) Reference: EuropeAid/158989/DD/ACT/TR
acrobat file  Award Notice vers 2.doc.pdf English  12/03/2019
word file  Corrigendum.docx English  16/03/2018
word file  Clarifications.docx English  09/03/2018
word file  158989 - Guidelines for grant applicants_PROSPECT_restricted as discussed .rtf English  31/01/2018
word file  158989 - Annex A.1 - Concept note.rtf English  31/01/2018
word file  158989 - Annex A.2 - Full application.rtf English  31/01/2018
excel file  2_Annex B - Budget.xls English  31/01/2018
word file  5_Annex C - Logical framework.doc English  31/01/2018
acrobat file  1_Annex D - Legal Entity Sheet (private or public law body with legal form).pdf English  31/01/2018
acrobat file  8_Annex E - Financial Identification Form.pdf English  31/01/2018
acrobat file  6_Annex F - PADOR offline Form.pdf English  31/01/2018
archive file  9_Annex G - Standard Grant English  31/01/2018
word file  Annex J - Information on the tax regime applicable to grant contracts.doc English  31/01/2018

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