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Calls for Proposals and Tenders

Please note that the domain name ‘EuropeAid’ has been replaced by International Partnerships
For Calls for Tenders, published after 1st of August 2020, please refer to the Funding and Tenders Portal : Funding and Tender Opportunities Portal (F&T Portal).
Prior Information Notices (PIN) are no longer mandatory but if required they can be found via TED eNotices, by selecting the criteria: “External aid programmes”

 Support to Long-term Sustainable Ecosystem Management and Wildlife Law Enforcement in Transboundary Conservation Areas under the Cross-Regional Wildlife Conservation programme in Eastern and Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean
Programme: Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Geographical Zone: Sub-Saharan Africa
Type: Action Grants Published: 12/06/2017
Status: Closed « 27/07/2017 Updated: 10/11/2017
Budget: 12,000,000 (EUR) Reference: EuropeAid/156423/DD/ACT/Multi
word file  Q&A 156423_FPAs stage 10 Nov2017.doc English  10/11/2017
acrobat file  Questions and Answers cal 156423_13072017.pdf English  14/07/2017
word file  Guidelines for grant applicants.rtf English  12/06/2017
word file  Annex A.1 - Concept note.rtf English  12/06/2017
word file  Annex A.2 - Full application.rtf English  12/06/2017
excel file  Annex B - Budget.xls English  12/06/2017
word file  Annex C - Logical framework.doc English  12/06/2017
acrobat file  Annex D - Legal Entity File (public law body).pdf English  12/06/2017
acrobat file  Annex D - Legal Entity Sheet (private or public law body with legal form).pdf English  12/06/2017
acrobat file  Annex E - Financial Identification Form.pdf English  12/06/2017
word file  e3h11_derogations_ios_en.doc English  12/06/2017
acrobat file  Annex F - PADOR offline Form.pdf English  12/06/2017
archive file  Annex G - Standard Grant English  12/06/2017
acrobat file  e3h2_gencond_en.pdf English  12/06/2017
word file  e3h3_awardproc_en.doc English  12/06/2017
word file  e3h4_requestpay_en.doc English  12/06/2017
word file  e3h5_interreport_en.doc English  12/06/2017
word file  e3h6_finalreport_en.doc English  12/06/2017
excel file  e3h7_financialreport_en.xls English  12/06/2017
word file  e3h8_expendverif_en.doc English  12/06/2017
word file  e3h9_finguarantee_en.doc English  12/06/2017
word file  e3h10_transferassetsownership_en.doc English  12/06/2017
word file  Annex J - Information on the tax regime applicable to grant contracts.doc English  12/06/2017
word file  Annex K - Guidelines and Checklist for assessing Budget and Simplified cost options.doc English  12/06/2017

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