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Calls for Proposals and Tenders

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 Revetment for Container Terminal Government of St Eustatius
Programme: Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Geographical Zone: Dutch countries and territories
Type: Works Published: 17/03/2016
Status: Forecast Updated: 06/10/2016
  Reference: EuropeAid/137862/ID/WKS/AN
word file  Contract Notice English  17/03/2016
archive file  Tender Dossier English  17/03/2016
archive file  Corrigendum English  12/05/2016
archive file  Clarification - Minutes and Clarification of Site visit Meeting English  12/05/2016
acrobat file  Clarification - Clarification - Questions and Answers English  26/05/2016
acrobat file  Cancellation English  06/10/2016

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