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Calls for proposals & Procurement notices

European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights Country Based Support Scheme (CBSS) Turkey Programme
Reference  EuropeAid/151143/DD/ACT/TR
Published  22/01/2016 Updated  7/09/2016
Status  Closed « 11/03/2016 Type  Action Grants
Programme  Human Rights Geographical Zone  Turkey
Budget  5,000,000 (EUR)    
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English:    Clarifications FA stage EIDHR 2015 final.doc word doc 23/06/2016
    Clarifications.doc word doc 26/02/2016
    NEW TEMPLATE - Prospect Annex A.2 - Full application.rtf 25/01/2016
    e3f_fif_en.pdf acrobad doc 25/01/2016
    Annex G Standard Grant Contract-Documents for acrobad doc 25/01/2016
    e3a1_guidelines_annexJ_en.doc word doc 22/01/2016
    LAST VERSION Prospect version of Guidelines for grant applicants - NEW TEMPLATE.rtf 22/01/2016
    NEW TEMPLATE - Prospect Annex A.1 - Concept note.rtf 22/01/2016
    e3c_budget_en.xls excel doc 22/01/2016
    e3d_logframe_en.doc word doc 22/01/2016
    Annex D - Legal Entity Sheet (private or public law body with legal form).pdf acrobad doc 22/01/2016
    Annex F - PADOR offline Form.pdf acrobad doc 22/01/2016
    NEW TEMPLATE e3h1_speccond_en.doc word doc 22/01/2016
    Annex K - Guidelines and Checklist for assessing Budget and Simplified cost options.doc word doc 22/01/2016

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