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Calls for Proposals and Tenders

 Transfer of knowledge between sectors of higher education, research and industry
Programme: PreAccession Countries / New Member States Geographical Zone: Montenegro
Type: Action Grants Published: 07/05/2015
Status: Closed « 10/08/2015 Updated: 27/09/2016
Budget: 749,442 (EUR) Reference: EuropeAid/136938/ID/ACT/ME
archive file  Guideline English  07/05/2015
word file  Clarification English  02/06/2015
word file  Corrigendum English  09/07/2015
acrobat file  Clarification English  22/07/2015
acrobat file  Corrigendum English  22/07/2015
excel file  Budget English  22/07/2015
acrobat file  Information English  22/07/2015
acrobat file  Corrigendum English  23/07/2015
word file  Clarification - Clarifications no 2. English  28/08/2015
acrobat file  Clarification - Minutes of the Information Session English  03/09/2015
word file  Award English  27/09/2016

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