Help - URL Shortener

To generate a short URL

  1. Log in via ECAS
  2. Enter the original target URL
    • The url must start with http:// or https://
    • The url must be in, cc.cec, or a subdomain
  3. Click on the "Generate a short URL" button.
  4. When the success message appears, the short URL is ready to be used.

Please log in with ECAS to generate a short URL.

Short URL REST service

A REST service is available for internal web servers only.

The URL is Implementing the service on the server enables you to generate a short URL on-the-fly without any manual intervention.

An authorization token is required to use the REST service and can, after assessment of your request, be obtained by sending a request to your local HELPDESK (SMT).


  • url: the url to be shorted. Required. Must start with http(s)://. Must be in, cc.cec, or a subdomain.
  • auth: the authorization token. Required.
  • format: Optional. Defines the output format. The possible values are :
    • simple: (default) plain text
    • xml
    • json
    • jsonp : in this case it is necessary to add the callback parameter
  • callback : the callback function, used only for jsonp format