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Search and view registered actors

Once an economic operator has been validated by its competent authority and an Actor ID/SRN is issued, its details (other than those specified for the competent authority) become visible to all users in EUDAMED and will be publicly available on the EUDAMED public website.

To search and view actors:

  1. Click on the Actors block on the dashboard or select Search & view > Actors. The actor Search & view page appears:

  2. Enter your search criteria in the Search & view page and click Search. All actors matching your criteria are listed in the search results section:

  3. To view the details for any actor, click the entry in the results list.

  4. To download your search result in bulk (XML) format, activate the toggle 'Only enable search filters available for bulk XML download of economic operators'. Once your search is complete, click the button Generate XML and confirm. You can now view the status and download the XML file containing the results list from the Downloads management page. Please see the data exchange guide for further information, available from the Help > Documents menu.


    There are limitations on what search criteria you can use for bulk downloads, so certain filters will be disabled when this toggle is active. Please see the DTX service definition for more information on search criteria.