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Upgrading your user profile

After a new module has been released, for security reasons you will automatically receive the lowest profile for these modules, e.g. Viewer. Unless you upgrade to a profile with more rights and permissions, e.g. Confirmer, you will not be able to perform any actions in these modules.

To request to change/upgrade your profile

  1. Log in to EUDAMED and click your name in the upper toolbar to reach the My account page.

  2. Click Request for change next to your profiles and follow the steps to select the profiles for the module you require. If this button is missing, it means you have already submitted a request.

  3. Your LAA / LUA will need to approve this request before these features will be available to you.


    Rules for LAAs / LUAs

    ► A LAA / LUA cannot approve their own requests. This means that for any actor with only ONE user, a second user with LAA / LUA profile will be needed to approve any profile upgrade requests.

    ► It is good practice for each actor to have at least two users with a LAA profile.

    ► EUDAMED requires that an actor retains one LAA, so you will be unable to remove the last user’s LAA profile.

  4. If you are the only user from your actor, you will need to grant access to a new user, assigning a LAA / LUA profile via the process outlined in sections 2.2.1 and 2.2.2.

  5. Once you have approved access for this second LAA / LUA, this user will then be able to approve your request to upgrade your profile.