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Linking a non-EU manufacturer to an importer

[Section specific to importers with 'Linker' profile]

To link a non-EU manufacturer to your importer:

  1. Go to the Dashboard:

  2. Click Link to non-EU manufacturer in the My Actor data section. You will arrive at the page displaying linked non-EU manufacturers (if there are no linked manufacturers, this list will be empty):

  3. Click Add a new manufacturer. You will be invited to select the non-EU manufacturer:

  4. If you know the Actor ID/SRN, enter it here and click Find to select the manufacturer.

  5. If you don’t know the Actor ID/SRN, uncheck I know the Actor ID/SRN. Two new fields will appear:

  6. Enter the country and actor/organisation name, then click Find. You will see a list of results based on your search criteria:

  7. Select the actor you want from the list. You will see the detail page for that actor:

  8. Click Add link with this manufacturer. You are prompted to enter the relevant dates:

  9. Enter a start-date (and end-date if necessary), then click Confirm.