EUDAMED Information Centre - PROD

Assess and Confirm First NB LAA/LUA User Request

Click on the following link to arrive to the intended EUDAMED landing page:



You will be prompted to enter EUDAMED via your EU Login account.

  1. From your EUDAMED dashboard, click on 'First NB LAA users':

  2. On the Pending requests tab, you will find a table containing the user request entry. Click on the list icon under the 'Actions' column:

  3. You will open the Assessment page will open, which displays all the Actor Identification and NB user information:

  4. At the bottom of the page, toggle left or right to approve or refuse the request accordingly, and then press Submit.

  5. If you choose to refuse the request, you are required to provide your comments in the box provided below before submitting your assessment.

  6. Once you have approved a request, it will appear under the Registered requests tab.


    You have now completed the process for assessment of a first NB user request.