EUDAMED Information Centre - PROD

How to update/disable your machine-to-machine settings

If you no longer need to use machine-to-machine communication, you can edit this page by clicking the Edit button, and:

  • Answering “No” to “Will you be using machine to machine services?”, or

  • Deselecting the specific services you do not require

Activation of new services

  • When a new release of EUDAMED includes new machine-to-machine services, they will NOT be active by default

  • You will not be able to use newly added services until you activate them on this page

Regenerating your access token:

If you have reason to believe your token is no longer secure, you can regenerate the code by clicking the Edit button, selecting the module for which you want to regenerate the code, and clicking submit.



Remember: When a token is regenerated, all new files submitted from this point onwards must include the new token for that module or they will be rejected