EUDAMED Information Centre - PROD

Bulk download of actors via EUDAMED interface

In this Playground release, all actors will be able to download registered economic operators via the EUDAMED interface.

  1. After successfully logging in, you will be able to access the actors registered in EUDAMED by using the Search and View functionalities for Actors:

  2. Enable the filter for bulk download of economic operators that will restrict your search criteria to those that are applicable according to the DTX service definition for actor download. You will notice that those that are not available will become shaded:

  3. After applying the desired search criteria, use the Search button in order to retrieve the list of actors. If you have provided search criteria that are not compatible with the DTX services definition, you will receive a warning prompt to amend your search.

    Before using the Generate XML file button, it is important to retrieve the economic operators by using the Search button, otherwise, the list returned in the XML file will not correspond with the scope of the search.


    A confirmation message will be triggered.

  4. After confirming, you can click “Go to download management” to see the status of your request and download the response XML files. When the file is processing it will receive the state “Pending”: