eSignature validation test cases

Test cases for assessing an implementation of eSignature validation, currently mainly focusing on qualified electronic signatures (and seals)


These test cases have been set up in order to help anyone testing an eSignature implementation (software providers, trust service providers, conformity assessment bodies, supervisory bodies, ...). "Fake" LOTLs, TLs, certificates and signed documents are generated automatically, and refreshed on a regular basis.

The test cases currently focus on the validation of the "qualification part" of qualified electronic signatures and seals based on trusted lists, that is excluding the specific test cases related to the validation of an advanced electronic signature or seal according to ETSI EN 319 102-1.

For this "qualification part", a list of test cases have been identified:

Should you identify missing test cases, or errors in existing ones, please don't hesitate to give us a feedback via the CEF eSignature support team email (