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Your chosen IO will normally contact you within 2 weeks after you have completed and confirmed your submission.

Once your application has been processed and accepted by your IO, the information you provided will be entered into the on-line catalogue of accepted entrepreneurs, where you will be able to find possible counterparts. The catalogue is accessible to all IOs, the accepted Host Entrepreneurs (HEs) and the accepted New Entrepreneurs (NEs), except where indicated otherwise.

Before proceeding to fill out this form, please make sure you have at hand the following documents: updated version of your CV, your business plan (only if you are a new entrepreneur) and other relevant documents you may find useful to accompany your application.

You can at any time save a draft of your application and resume the registration process later on. It is recommended to do frequent saves of your information, to avoid any loss of data.
* Do you want to register as a NEW or a HOST entrepreneur?
Someone who is firmly planning to set up his or her own business or has already started a business within the last three years is considered a new entrepreneur. Experienced entrepreneur should own or manage an SME in the EU.
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* How should your stay abroad help you develop your business?:
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Please be as concise and concrete as possible, as your motivation is a very important criterion for selection.
* Have you worked or studied abroad before? How do you plan to prepare yourself for your stay with the Host Entrepreneur?:
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* Which added value can you provide to your envisaged Host Entrepreneur? Why should the Host Entrepreneur choose you?:
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* Please upload your CV (Preferred format: PDF). A summary CV is sufficient:
Please upload your CV file (.PDF, .DOC, .DOCX, .RTF). Maximum file size of 500KB.
* Please upload your CV (Preferred format: PDF). The Europass CV format in English is preferable, but not compulsory:
Please upload your CV file (.PDF, .DOC, .DOCX, .RTF). Maximum file size of 500KB.
* Please give short overview of your plans to develop a business (preferably in English):
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The business plan must at least contain:

a) A clear description of the product or service to be offered;
b) A market analysis that includes definition and assessment of the target market;
c) It should also include competitors analysis as well as NE's marketing and sales plan;
d) A financial plan including estimated expenses and income in the following 2 years and a break-even analysis.

Please formulate the summary in a way that does not disclose confidential information.
* Please upload your business plan (Preferred format: PDF):
This information will only be available to your chosen IO, not to other entrepreneurs. The IO is fully responsible for the confidential treatment of the business plan. If the content needs special protection, you may consider to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with the IO. Maximum file size of 500KB.
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If you want to provide some other useful document. Maximum file size of 500KB.
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* Experience in running a business (number of YEARS):
Professional work experience as entrepreneur (years, number only). NOT THE WORKING EXPERIENCE AS AN EMPLOYEE. Please note that if you have more than 3 years of entrepreneurial experience, you should register as Host Entrepreneur. If you fail to do so, your application as New Entrepreneur will be automatically removed from our system.
* Previous working experience (number of MONTHS):
This is for any professional work experience other than as entrepreneur (number only).
Please indicate any specific skills that the NE should have:
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If you require specific skills, please add them here.
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A working language is a foreign language that you have no difficulty to understand, speak and write.
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* Please specify the main business sector of your future or current business activity:
This is the primary business sector of your future or recently started company.
* Please specify the main business sector of your current business activity:
This is your primary business sector that your company is involved in.
Please specify other business sectors of interest:
Chose up to 4 additional sectors which best correspond to the nature of your future or current business.
Please specify other business sectors in which you are currently involved:
Chose up to 4 additional sectors which best correspond to the nature of your business.
* Please indicate your preferred target country for the exchange (this has to be different from your country of residence):
Indicate here the country you would like to go to for the stay abroad.
* Please indicate your preferred source country for the exchange (this has to be different from your country of residence):
Indicate here the country from which the NE you will host should ideally come from.
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Overseas Countries & Territories
Select up to 4 further countries as secondary choice.
* Please specify your preferred length of the exchange (in months):
Duration of the stay abroad: 1-6 months, with the possibility to spread the stay over a maximum of 12 months.
Notice: for NEs visiting non-European countries, the maximum stay period is 3 months.
* Please specify the months in which you will be available for the exchange:
The more flexible you can be, the more chance there is to find a good match.
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Please note that IOs from other countries will show if there is no available IO in your own country.

If you receive an error "Intermediary Organization not found", please verify that your address and country are correctly selected in the second tab.

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Your profile will not be public but only available to those NEs, that have been accepted in the programme. If you do not wish to be contacted directly by an NE or do not want to have your profile included in the on-line catalog available to NEs, please select options 2 or 3.
* How did you hear about the programme?
Please tell us how did you find out about the programme.

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* I confirm that once accepted I will not misuse the info available in the EYE database beyond for purposes other than establishing an entrepreneurial collaboration within the programme.

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