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How does the Covid-19 outbreak impact the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme travel rules?
The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme does not define any new travel restrictions in addition to those that already exist at national level. Participants need to follow national advice and consult the website of their respective national ministries (Ministry of Health and/or Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc.) for up-to-date travel restriction. In addition, participants need to make sure they have a valid medical insurance, whatever their destination, in accordance to the programme rules.
If you need more information on individual Member States’ travel rules here is the European Commission’s dedicated webpage:
https://reopen.europa.eu/en/ (available in 24 languages)

Covid-19 outbreak - Temporary adaptation of EYE programme rules
Following the developments in the Covid-19 outbreak, the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme has temporarily adapted its rules. Remote exchanges are possible and allowed for a period of 1 to 3 months. Entrepreneurs participating in the remote exchange are NOT eligible to receive a financial allowance. If, after 3 months, the NE can travel, the physical exchange can take place for maximum 6 months and the NE is entitled to receiving a financial allowance. The duration of the match (remote + physical) must be achieved within a period of 12 consecutive months. These exceptional rules will apply until the 31st of December 2021 (please note that this end-date is indicative and could be modified in the next months, depending on how the situation will evolve). If you need more information, please consult your Intermediary Organization.

How does Brexit impact the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme?
The Withdrawal Agreement foresees that the UK and persons or entities established in the UK remain eligible to participate in the current Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) 2014-2020 EU programmes, including Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme.
This means that UK applicants and beneficiaries remain eligible for funding and can continue to take part in grants awarded under the current MFF until their end date, even if that is after the end of the transition period.
This applies to existing grants, ongoing procedures and future calls even if the budgetary and/or legal commitment is made after 31 December 2020 on commitment appropriations under the 2014-2020 MFF.
Concretely, for the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme this means that UK entrepreneurs can continue to participate in the EYE programme through UK based Intermediary Organizations until 31 January 2023.