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The mission of the Eurostat Support Team for Data Transmission Tools and Services is to provide information, support and tools to the organizations which send statistical data to Eurostat and to the Production Units


EDAMIS (Electronic Data files Administration and Management Information System) offers standard solutions for collecting data files in the European Statistical System. EDAMIS implements the Single Entry Point policy of Eurostat. Discover EDAMIS at a glance (PowerPoint presentation). See also a general presentation of EDAMIS in the issue 3/2007 of the Bulletin Informatique.

Cybernews - Thursday, 14 February 2008
DM (Director Meeting) discusses Single Entry Point and Globalisation Indicators

At their meeting on 12 February the Directors among other issues discussed the Single Entry Point (SEP). The DM decided that it will be compulsory in Eurostat to use Electronic Data files Administration and Management Information System (EDAMIS) for the transmission of all regular datasets as off 1 July 2008. Any exception would have to be motivated by the Director.

On 5 May 2008, official letters were sent by the Director General of Eurostat to remind the Statistical Program Committee (SPC) and the Heads of Unit about this decision.

In May 2009, a report on the implementation of the Single Entry Point policy was presented to the European Statistical System Committee (ESSC).

Since March 2009, a "coverage indicator" of the Single Entry Point policy is monthly published in the Data Transmission Courier (DTC).

All information needed to build a data collection node are provided here.

A set of comprehensive documents are available, they cover a wide range of topics: the software (including very technical aspects for some of them), the advices to select the best method to fit your requirements as well as the installation procedures. In addition, the Support section provide a lot of information related to the possible troubles and the remedy.

Finally, the team is ready to answer to any question you want to ask.




Tools and services available for data transmission to Eurostat are detailed below:


eDAMIS: The electronic Data files Administration and Management Information System is the integrated environment for data transmission and for the Single Entry Point for data arriving at Eurostat. It incorporates the family of existing tools. EDAMIS is visible through the following tools:

EWA: The EDAMIS Web Application is installed in the National Statistical Institutes and used for sending statistical data files to Eurostat. Interactive, semi-automated and full-automated transmissions are supported.

EWP: The EDAMIS Web Portal is installed at the European Commission and used for managing the dataset inventory, managing the user rights related to the transmissions, sending statistical data files to Eurostat (as an alternative to EWA) and monitoring the traffic through its Management Information System.

EWF: EDAMIS Web Forms is a component of the EDAMIS Web Portal that can be used for the transmission of low volumes of data. It offers all the basic functions of EDAMIS and does not require any installation on the PC of the user.

GENEDI: Tool used for basic validation and conversion towards GESMES.


STATEL: Multi-protocol file transfer layer that hides the telecommunications layer from the application layer providing efficient data transfer with enhanced controls, including data buffering through its STATEL HUB configuration.


TESTA: Telecommunications network for European administrations, which includes an IP layer used by STATEL to implement the application-to-application communication between the data producer and consumer respectively.


GESMES: Generic EDI standard message developed by EBES EG-6 to be used for transmitting multi-dimensional statistical data in the European Statistics System.

SDMX-ML: XML format for the exchange of SDMX-structured data and metadata. The SDMX format (Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange) is the result of a co-operation between BIS, ECB, Eurostat, IMF, OECD and UN " to explore common e-standards and ongoing standardisation activities that could allow avoiding duplication of effort in the work in the field of statistical information."




The support team is at your disposal for any questions, incidents resolutions or you want to report or to resolve any problem encountered when using the data collection tools.

The support team is intended to help you in:

In summary, do not hesitate to contact the support team for any problem or question related to data collection.
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